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Manifesting With The Cube In Metatron's Cube (Deutsch)

By Phoenix Rising Star

When we teach the Flower of Life Meditation, we are frequently asked the following questions: What is this? What will it do for me?

When we answer, "It's your vehicle for consciousness. It's anything and everything," we get blank looks.

Everything is too much for the mind to handle. And the original question was from the mind.

The same thing happens when we're explaining the source of the platonic solids. "This is Metatron's Cube. All the platonic solids originate from here. These are the building blocks of the universe. They are building blocks of everything."

There it is again; the word everything. The blank stares. TMI (Too much information).


The big picture of the Flower of Life Meditation and Metatron's Cube is they are everything. Translate that into any desire from your heart (not the mind), and you've found an ancient form of manifestation. Of everything.

Since we are still living in a dual universe with our minds and our hearts, it's helpful to wrap our minds around the simpler aspects of sacred geometry and manifesting so our hearts can do the work.

To do that, begin manifestation with the cube from Metatron's Cube.



The Fruit of Life is the symbol of thirteen circles lifted away from the Flower of Life pattern. (See ex. 1)

When the centers of every circle in the Fruit of Life are connected, Metatron's Cube is formed. Containing all the building blocks of the universe. Containing every Platonic Solid. (A Platonic Solid is any geometric form where each face has the same angle, the same side length, same face size, and fits completely within a sphere. The five platonic solids include the cube, the tetrahedron, the octahedron, the icosahedron, and the dodecahedron.)

The Fruit of Life is female energy because it is made entirely of circles, the most feminine geometry there is. Metatron's Cube is male energy, made of straight lines.

Drunvalo says in his original video "There are thirteen ways to superimpose male energy here. I'm going to begin by showing you one." In other words, Metatron's Cube. (See ex. 2)

When Metatron's Cube is taken apart into the five platonic solids, there are five more ways of superimposing male energy or consciousness. And looking closer, it's also easy to spot the star tetrahedron within Metatron's Cube.

Seven consciousness hidden in the Fruit of Life. (I don't think I know the other six, but I'm sure my higher self does. Stay tuned.)


The Cube:

The cube (see ex. 3) is associated with the element Earth. Simple straight lines on simple circles. Creating a balance of masculine and feminine energy and consciousness. Creating a consciousness that ties to the Earth.

What is Earth consciousness?

Grounding; providing a foundation for structure.

Earth also has movement. Sometime slight, sometimes immense. Never still, although appearing so because of its massiveness.

Earth has energy. It is alive. It is creation in action. It takes different forms (mountains, clay, rock, crystals....).

Earth has cellular memory and can retain experiences within itself.

When in balance, earth provides for all its needs and that of all life forms within it.

Earth sustains all life.


Manifestation with the Cube:

Detailed directions here with a personal example. Following this is an abbreviated version for your personal use.

1. Have a manifesting goal ready. Phrase it in positive times for what is chosen, not what is not desired.

For example: I choose to receive the natural abundance that exists in the universe.

Instead of: I release poverty.

Since energy follows intention, the words create intention. Energy will follow "receive natural abundance" in the same way as "release poverty".

But test this. When the first phrase is said how does the heart feel? How does the heart feel with the second phrase? Is there any tension in the body with either one? Personally, I feel a tightness in my chest with the second statement. I feel a lightness with the first.

Go with grace, ease and lightness. Every time. Find a way to phrase the focus that promotes lightness in the heart.

2. Generate feelings of love and gratitude in whatever way is appropriate.

Meditation, chanting, prayer, intention, whatever it takes.

3. Concentrate on Metatron's Cube, especially the cube part. (See example 3) Study it with the mind. Notice the circles and lines. Close the eyes. Bring it in the heart. Then ask these questions:

Q) What can I do to ground my focus?

Q) In what ways is my focus already grounded?

Q) How can I make this more of a foundation for how I live?

Insight: Using the focus of choosing to receive the natural flow of abundance already in existence, asking these questions may promote a flow of insight and connection to the higher self. For instance, when I asked these questions, I received the insight that in order to live with the structure and foundation of abundance, it's helpful to study the movement of earth. Earth doesn't stay still. Neither does abundance. Abundance is always giving and receiving. Like the earth. Sustaining life. Receiving life-giving elements. Natural flow means sometimes a lot and sometimes not so much. Go with the flow.

Q) How can I open myself to the different forms of my focus?

Insight: Abundance comes in many forms. I open myself fully to all of them.

I open myself to receive in many different ways.

Q) What cellular memories are limiting and preventing me from this foundation of my focus?

Insight: It may not be necessary to ever know what the cellular memories are. It's more important to have a way to release them and replace them with a higher vibrational choice. I choose to release any cell memories preventing me from receiving abundance and I choose to receive whatever is for my highest good and healing.

Insight: Past lives and their cell memories are carried within DNA also. Since we frequently have no knowledge of those lifetimes, it may appear more difficult to release them. However again, it's not necessary to recognize what the memory is. Just be willing to release it and replace it with higher vibrations.

Q) How can I maintain my balance with my focus?

Insight: Abundance has its own natural rhythm, like the earth. Recognize it and live with that. Don't oppose natural rhythm. Don't try to create a force-fit of rhythm and flow.

4. Write down your insights or awarenesses if necessary. Otherwise, stay in meditation to integrate the information.


Abbreviated Steps for Personal Use:

1. Generate a positive focus. Write it down and play with the words until they feel right to your heart.

2. Open your heart to love and gratitude.

3. Begin studying Metatron's Cube, especially the cube. Bring it into your heart. Close your eyes.

4. Begin asking the following questions and allow time after each one for insight and connection with the higher self:

Q) What can I do to ground my focus?

Q) In what ways is my focus already grounded?

Q) How can I make this more of a foundation for how I live?

Q) How can I open myself to the different forms of my focus?

Q) What cellular memories are limiting and preventing me from this foundation of my focus?

Q) How can I maintain my balance with my focus?

5. Write down insight or awareness if necessary.

6. Stay in meditation with the cube, holding this in your heart until it feels complete for now.

In service,
Phoenix Rising Star


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