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March, 2011

We are happy to present new articles, videos and messages for the new issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

How Recent Solar Flares Are Affecting Us

Sent to us by our good friend Cynthia

Back around the 17th of February 2011, an increase in solar activity hit the Earth and her magnetic field a little harder than usual. Whenever this happens the effects on our weather patterns are as many and varied as the earthquakes and cataclysms that seem to arrive within thirty hours of any unusual solar activity. By law whatever happens to Mother Earth inevitably happens to us; if you've been feeling a little out of sorts, weird, ill, out of touch, or otherwise discombobulated, the following article on solar flares will help you understand why.

Divine Energy Manifest On The Earth Plane

By Stephen Thomson

Information from all over the world seems to have exploded into our lives over the last few months. With a million ways to interpret it, it's hard to know what's what. If many of our questions remain unanswered it's because somewhere along the way we need to stop and ask ourselves what this transformational period means for us on a personal level. On a material level, we can be sure that our lives have changed and that the world will never be the same again. But, what do these events and experiences mean for us in spiritual terms? In this month's article, Steve talks about these changing times and gives us his take on some of the events that are happening across the face of our planet. His March piece also includes some great suggestions on how to process and integrate the tumultuous energies that seem to be turning our hearts, our minds, and pretty much everything else, upside down.

Not Me! How we play the Blame Game

By Norma Gentile

Blame is a child's game. We learned to play it at the youngest of ages, when we pointed to our sibling, our pet dog, cat, or goldfish when asked by a parent "WHO DID THAT?" This was a natural response we developed to protect ourselves from the emotional arrow of anger behind the question being hurled at us. What we learned, unfortunately, was to perpetuate this scenario over and over again in our lives. In her March article Norma takes a look at what happens when we cast blame and suggests that all of us would be a lot better off if we lost the need to keep responding to life from that place.

Manifesting With Metatron's Cube: The Octahedron

By Phoenix Rising Star

For the last two months Phoenix has been talking to us about her experience using the Platonic Solids as manifestation tools. Her March article introduces us to the Octahedron. Like every other Platonic Solid, the Octahedron has its own vibration, its own intelligence if you will — and the Law of Correspondence connects it with the Air Element. Because of this Phoenix tells us that we need to be prepared for the winds of change to enter our lives whenever we call upon the energies of this particular solid for any type of 'life support'. Her article also stresses the need to be exact and specific in our experiments and reminds us that becoming a manifestation expert comes down to our ability to keep refining and redefining our visions.

Spider Woman Speaks Of The Seven Sacred Objects Of The Comanche

From Dhyana Markley

When Dhyana first began receiving her Spider Woman channelings, even she was not aware that time would make them applicable, not just to the tribe for which they were written, but to each and every one of us. Number three in a series of seven, her message to the Comanche starts with a glass bead and goes on to tell the story of several other objects. If the bead is there to remind us that we are whole and complete within ourselves, as we get introduced to each successive token it becomes clear that we are not alone — and in the course of tapping into that which connects us we rediscover the thread that goes all the way back to the source. As our hearts and minds embrace the prospect of a return to that place this month's message from the Spider Woman invites us to look closely at what it will take to find our way home.

Thoughts About Co-Creation

By Julia Griffin

There's a lot a talk about 'Co-Creation' these days — like so many other New Age cliches, the concept gets tossed around like candy. In opening our minds to what it means, we begin to see that there is a connection between our thinking patterns and the immediate manifestation of whatever we happen to be focused on. As we go deeper into the process whether or not we get better at bringing our wildest dreams to life depends entirely on the extent to which we are able to go into resonance with them. In her March article Julia looks at the power of co-creation and invites us to deepen our understanding of what actually takes place when we are engaged in what is essentially an alchemical process.

What Dreams May Come

By Heather Fraser

There is something about the energy of spring that tends to stir us to new realms of possibility. What's so incredible about this Spring energy, is that it is combined with a massive surge of evolutionary energy that is opening us up to the realization of who we really are, and the power we hold within our individual Being to not only free ourselves, but our fellow brothers and sisters as well. As always, Heather uses her connection to Mother Earth as a way of showing us that we really are "all One" and as a way to remind us that we came here to help each other find our way home.


By Jo Mooy

When Jo's article arrived on our desk she told us we were in for a surprise. Reading through an essay that was shorter and sweeter than usual, we wondered what made this one so different: until we remembered that it came with a note that said Jo's guides had instructed her to send it. Trusting that there had to be a good reason for this, by the time we finished her story their message was loud and clear. In the realm of giving and receiving we are taught that it is better to give than it is to receive. If everybody's out there doing the giving what joy can there be in it if no one knows how to receive? At a point when the receptive, female element is taking center stage, this is something we all need to think about. Check out this anecdote and see if it rings a bell.


Links and Videos

Conscious Media Showcase

The Spirit of Ma'at March 2011 Video Showcase

We have a really interesting line up of media presentations to share with you this month. As you review each one, it will become totally clear that life on planet Earth is in the midst of something huge. Between the weather patterns and our belief patterns there is so much begging us to wake up and smell the coffee it's hard to believe that anyone is still asleep. Hopefully our March Media Showcase will stir you to consider what to make of things and help you to draw your own conclusions. It's time to open your mind, and get ready to explore everything from the Solfeggio Frequencies, to the Biology of Belief, to the secrets of Area 51, and much, much more. Cook up some popcorn, save yourself a seat, and click on the following link to tune in to this month's Conscious Media Showcase.


News and Announcements

For news about Drunvalo’s workshops, travel schedule and Worldwide Web Live Broadcasts please go to www.drunvalo.net.

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Breaking News:

Drunvalo has given us his 2011 workshop dates. It will be possible for you to attend one of the advanced courses that are being offered next year. For those of you who wish to learn from Drunvalo personally, dates for both the Basic and Advanced Earth-Sky-Heart Workshops are listed below.

Formal registration forms will be up at www.drunvalo.net by the first of the year.

April 11 to April 15 — Earth/Sky/Heart Workshop — Sedona, Arizona

May 2 to May 6 — Advanced Workshop — Sedona, Arizona

August 1 to August 5 — Earth/Sky/Heart Workshop — Sedona, Arizona

October 17 to October 21 — Advanced Workshop — Sedona, Arizona



Live interviews with Host, Cyrilla Gallagher, for Aspiro Life on the Spirit of Ma’at Network

Cyrilla Gallagher is a professional radio host whose show focuses on personal growth, ancient and modern wisdom, and an examination of the changes that are taking place on the planet. Back in October, she began hosting monthly interviews with the people we most want to hear from, on the topics we most want to hear about.

Cyrilla's March guest is DAVIDWH — Inventor and Environmental Clearing Expert. Creator of the Tri-Fecta™ and Enviro II™ frequency enhanced clearing devices and a complete line of cutting edge, Quantum Holographic Waveform energy balancing tools.

Cyrilla is open to suggestions; if there is someone you would like her to have on the show you can let her know via email at: cyrilla@aspirolifestyle.ca



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Sacred Travel

FALL EQUINOX JOURNEY TO AVALON — September 18 — 28, 2011

With Cal Garrison and Manon Tromp

If you've always wanted to find your way back to Avalon, don't put it off any longer; consider taking off with Cal Garrison and Manon Tromp on a tour that will be of interest to anyone who resonates with the Old Ways and would love a chance to reconnect with those traditions in the land where Merlin, and the secrets of the Holy Grail are still alive and well. For more information, click on the following link: www.spiritofmaat.com/feb11/avalon_trip.html



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Coming soon a new video with Drunvalo!

This full length DVD was shot in New Zealand and includes a Special Bonus interview with Drunvalo entitled "The Journeys for Mother Earth". Drunvalo discusses the Christ grid, the Precession of the Equinox, and the role of the indigenous peoples and how this role relates to what we are experiencing on the planet right now!


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Flower of Life Products

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Aspiro Life is proud to present a new interview for you this month. Tune in to Cyrilla's conversation with


Cyrilla's March interview features an hour-long conversation with one of the men who contributed to the research that went into the pollution clearing experiments that were performed by Slim Spurling and other members of the Geobiology Research Association in Denver, Phoenix, and Mexico City back in the early 90's. A good friend of Slim's, and one of the few people Slim could rely upon for intelligent feedback and inspiration, DavidWH is here to talk with Cyrilla about his ongoing research and to introduce us to some of the techniques and devices that his own energy sensitivity has forced him to spend the last twenty years working to refine. A silent partner and behind the scenes player for far too long, David has finally come forward with information that will be of interest to anyone who wants to know more about how to clear the environment or who just wants to know more about what they can do to stay balanced and centered during tumultuous times.

Cyrilla Gallagher is a professional radio host whose show focuses on personal growth, ancient and modern wisdom, and an examination of the changes that are taking place on the planet. Each month she invites people who are making a difference in the world to join her on the show and talk about the ways in which their work is contributing to the evolution of consciousness. Click here to find out more about Cyrilla Gallagher and Aspiro Life show.

Morning Messages

Morning Messages

Through Peggy Black

Peggy Black began receiving messages from her guides back in the Seventies. They first came to her in the form of stick figures, multi-dimensional 'sprites' who danced lithely across the pages of her sketch book. As her life changed and her connection to the invisible realms deepened, Peggy began to receive audible messages from the very same spirits who came dancing into her life forty years ago. Ever since she began to 'hear' her guides, she has channeled their every word onto paper. Her 'Morning Messages' are direct transmissions from a group of Souls who have a lot to say about life, and about the changes that are calling all of us to create a unified vision of a new and better world.

GLOBAL SERVICE This is a great channeling that brings up the whole subject of who we really are. If most of us understand ourselves to be confined to the limits of the Third Dimension, in taking that stance, we shut off a multitude of possibilities. Not only that, but when we deny or close ourselves off to our other-dimensional selves we wind up short handed when it comes to really being able to be of service to the planet and to the rest of humanity. This is no time to think of ourselves in ordinary terms. At a point in our evolutionary journey when every aspect of our Being is ready and willing to come forward and help us find our way through the ascension process, doesn't it make sense to touch down in the part of our hearts that knows how to connect with who we are in our totality? According to "The Team" it's time to rise up and not just attune to those energies but begin to work consciously with them. We invite you to read and allow yourselves to be inspired by this month's message from Peggy Black and "The Team".

If you're up for a dose of inspiration or a little something to remind you what you're here for, check out these channeled messages from Peggy Black and her Team. About "Morning Messages": The Unfolding Process.

A Sound Healing

Soothing Waters

Sound Healing with Norma Gentile

A little sound healing from the Hathor named Atamira. The emotional tides of this month flow through the Far and Middle East as well as through our own hearts. Norma draws upon tones that are reminiscent of an ancient time and place to channel this lullaby from Atamira, her Hathor guide.

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

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Ma'at Shop

Earth Sky / Living in the Heart 2006 Tokyo Workshop DVD series

This is a workshop that was given to the Japanese people in Tokyo, Japan in 2006 by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It is both an Earth Sky workshop and a Living in the Heart workshop combined. It is approximately 18 hours long. Herein is the information that continues beyond the Mer-Ka-Ba. Such as the Beams of Light from the pineal gland, the opening of the Third Eye, the directions of how to enter into your heart space, and how to reconnect the heart to the brain. Once connected the understanding of creating from the heart is revealed. This is the knowledge of ascension. It is both in English and Japanese, with an all Japanese audience.

Living in the Heart Sticker

Add this piece of sacred art imagery to your water bottle, car window, or anyplace you can think of for a cool sticker!

"The Birth Of A New Humanity"

A great new DVD with Drunvalo Melchizedek. This is your opportunity to receive the first edition of Drunvalo's most recent communication on the consciousness shift and the Earth changes that make the times we're in the most incredible moment in history. This DVD includes Drunvalo's account of the work that has been done on the crystalline grid that surrounds the planet, his perspective on current events and their relationship to the Atlantis cataclysm, the untold story of the Indigenous ones and the Star People who are here now to help us find our way through the Great Shift of the Ages, and much, much more. Don't miss this one; it is worth watching and sharing over and over again.
Languages: English, French (Francais), Spanish (Espanol), German (Deutsch), Russian (Ðóññêèé), Hungarian (Magyar).

El Camino Blanco — The White Road — Visions Of The Indigenous People Of The Americas

“The White Road” is a documentation of the Fifth Reunion of the Indigenous Elders and Priests of North and South America. It traces the steps of the wisdom keepers as they follow “El Camino Blanco”, otherwise known as the pathway to spiritual knowledge, all the way from Merida, through the ancient temple complexes of the Yucatan Peninsula. For those of you who are familiar with Drunvalo`s book, the `Serpent of Light`, this is the film version of his account of the ceremonies that led to the purification of the Mayaland. People from all over the world came to be part of this experience, one which, on the etheric level, marked the beginning of humanity’s voyage through the Ascension Portal. Suitable for all ages, this timely and inspiring film is now available in the Ma`at Shop.