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Australia:    Top

Australian Libraries Gateway (ALG) a free web-based directory service which has access to information about more than 5,400 Australian libraries.

Canada:    Top

LibDex The Library Index. Links to 16,694 Canadian libraries.

Global:    Top

The British Library's digital section.

Digital Librarian: a librarian's choice of the best of the Web.

Electronic Journals and Periodicals: psychologically related electronic journals, conference proceedings, and other periodicals.

Hardin's List of Medical/Health Sciences Libraries on the Web.

Humanities Libraries: Project of the Human Info NGO. Providing universal free or low-cost information access through cooperation between UN Agencies, Universities and NGOs.

OCLC: A global library cooperative 76 countries and territories.

Internet Public Library: The first public library on the Internet. Operated by librarians.

Thinking Allowed: consciousness research, psychology, philosophy, personal and spiritual development, health and healing, intuition and creativity, and the frontiers of science.

WWW Virtual Library: Oldest catalog of the web, individual indexes live on hundreds of different servers around the world. See also Catalog cross-reference. Mainly East Anglia (UK), Geneva (Switzerland), and Argentina.

libraries-online: Global pool of knowledge from libraries, universities, and research centers.

Webbed Catalog: Informal research tool for librarians contemplating browser-accessible online public-access catalogs.

Library Information Services    Top resource for library and library-related material.

lib-web-cats: a directory of over 5,000 libraries worldwide.

Libweb: Over 5700 pages from libraries in over 100 countries.

Literature and Online Books    Top

Online Books for Educators: American and English literature in online book format.

Online Library of Literature. Great Books online.

Bibliomania: Free World literature online; more than 800 classic texts.

Complete Works of William Shakespeare.

Project Gutenberg: Information, books, and other materials in easily readable and searchable format.

Metaphysical/Spiritual Resources    Top

Alchemy/Arcane/Occult Web Links.

Folklore and Mythology: Electronic texts.

Lightmind Librariesgathering of websites and forums devoted to spiritual discourse and spiritual community.

Pagan Library: Pagan Studies and Magickal Spiritual Practice.

SCETI: U. of Pennsylvania's center for electronic text and image science, the occult, and religion. A Home for spiritual book and audio excerpts, columnists, and more.

Spirit Walk Library.

The Cherag's Library.

The Hermetic Library: Creations of a spiritual focus but not what you will generally see within the mainstream of American culture.

The Theosophical Society: American Section.

Theravada Text Archives: Translations and commentaries of sutras from the Pali Canon, short essays, books on meditation practice, more.

United Kingdom    Top

University of Exeter: Library and information service.

GeoWeb: Interface to OLIS&151;Oxford University libraries' online catalog.

U.S. Law & Government    Top

AALLNET: American Association of Law Libraries.

C.R.O.P.: Communities Resolving Our Problems. Free virtual library resource center.

The Library of Congress.

Ma'at Research Mission

Our original intent with Ma'at Research was to create a database of source materials. It turned out that the copyright laws made this impossible.

There are lawsuits abroad testing whether an Internet site can qualify as a library, and if so, under what constraints. If the "library" concept becomes viable, we will be able to begin putting up source documents. In the meantime, source documents we get permission to use or which are in the public domain are linked directly with the articles that refer to them.