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Cellular Memory… Cell Level Healing

By Phoenix and Leon,
Co-Directors of Your HeartWalk Center

Have you ever rubbed your forehead while trying to remember something? Or experienced tenderness or tightness in the back of your neck when a co-worker exploded on you?

These are examples of cellular memory areas, the map of our body that directs specific cellular healing. Cellular memory, unlike the memory of your brain, stores experiences not just facts and figures. Experiences tend to be stored as impressions and are viewed from all senses, not just the visual. For example, the brain, when retrieving a memory will most likely show you a picture or a list or a graphic. Cells, when retrieving a memory will give you a body sensation such as pain or tension or tingling or you may be 'frozen with fear'. You may also sense a fragrance, taste, sounds or any combination of senses that held the imprint of the experience.

The best definition we found for cellular memory is Stevan Thayer's, founder of Integrated Energy Therapy. "Every cell in our body has the ability…to remember. Our Cellular Memory can store the memory of physical trauma like accidents, cuts, bruises, surgeries, or abuse; emotional trauma like heartache, fear, built and anger; and mental trauma that manifests in low self-esteem, unworthiness, worry, etc. When trauma is suppressed into the cellular memory, that energy can get stuck. The problem with suppressed cellular memory is not only does it limit our ability to live freely and joyfully in life but it can also support the body in developing physical illness."

Not everyone agrees that cellular memory exists. Scientists doubt it because there isn't a way to effectively measure it. Unlike brain waves and stimulation, cellular memory occurs in all cells, and there's no proof that the memory is actually stored there.

Some researchers, though, are beginning to put forth ideas that support cellular memory. Think back to the basic conditioned response as developed and observed by Pavlov. Ringing a bell produced salivation when paired with food initially. Thereafter, salivation happened with only the bell for association. A body response, a sensory response, a muscle memory response to an event.

One of the more interesting people who scientifically studied the body in its relation to the energy flow within it and the subsequent imprinting of cellular memory was Wilhelm Reich. In his work on character-analysis, he focused on the conflicts of the ego. He saw the body divided by armor rings (cell memory energy blocks) that he described as being at right angles to one's spine. He perceived that these rings blocked the flow of what he called Orgon Energy. (Life Force Energy) One develops this armor from the energy products, such as guilt, from the ego. When one is blocked from the free flow of energy, one can outwardly express this blockage through anger or rage.

Post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD) also relates to cellular memory. Survivors of stress or trauma exhibit multiple signs of ongoing memory in their bodies. Physical symptoms such as shaking, inability to move or act, sweating, etc. Emotional symptoms such as sadness, fear or anger. Mental symptoms such as aggression, inability to decide, powerlessness, etc. Multiple senses operating from a traumatic event stored in the cellular memory.

Set points are another example of cellular memory. These points can control the comfort level of the body or mind with certain activities such as weight loss or gain, meditation length, endurance training, or giving/receiving abundance. These set points can be reconditioned or reset in the body and mind, allowing for greater loss or gain. In effect, you are retraining your neurons to fire at different times or places.

Vaccines can also be viewed as cellular memory. Regardless of how you feel about vaccines, look at the way they are supposed to work. You are given a shot that contains a small amount of an unhealthy organism. Your immune system sets up a counter-offensive to keep you from getting sick from it. Then your immune system 'remembers' that type of experience to keep you healthy. Therefore, vaccines evoke cell memory by their actions.

Then there's the example of the organ donors and their recipients. Reports come most frequently from heart transplant recipients. In one case, the donor wrote poetry and lyrics and in one unpublished poem wrote about Danny who would receive his heart when he died. The recipient of his heart was Danielle who when the donor's parents talked to her about the poetry, found she could finish the lines of most of it without having any previous conscious knowledge of it. Then there's the police officer killed in an undercover drug deal. His heart was received by a man who kept reporting he saw flashes of light and felt a burning over his face. The police officer had been shot in the face.

So where is this going? If it's true that cellular memory exists, then why not facilitate healing at that level? If it's true that suppressing these memories can lead to disease and keep us from our joy, then why not heal at this level?

One good reason we aren't healing at this level is because the memories are suppressed, we don't even know we're holding onto them.

A good example of this is something that happened to me when I was 12. Walking down a safe street, I saw a man approaching me. He was wearing a plaid shirt, blue jeans, and work boots, and carrying a large stick. As he got closer, I felt intense fear without any known reason. I broke into a cold sweat and my feet became planted where I was, unable to move. I tasted the tang of fear in my throat and was unable to speak. I felt I was close to dying, and when he finally passed by me uneventfully I was able to break loose of my fear state and run home. When I got there, I told my Mom about the event.

Mom replied, "Oh honey, don't you remember?"

And at that moment, it all flooded back to my brain memory. My aunt had been kidnapped when I was 2 years old. I was present at the time the man, wearing a plaid shirt, blue jeans and work boots, broke into the house. He carried a sawed off shot gun and threatened to kill everyone there. He demanded money and when he got it, grabbed my aunt and kidnapped her. She was later released physically unharmed. Because I was so young, I suppressed the mental memory but the cellular memory imprints of fear, tension, worry, and potential death stayed with me until I was able to release them successfully. My cellular memory retained the experiential impressions that I was able to understand at the time: the clothing, the big stick, the threatening behavior. After releasing that memory, I never again felt that level of fear when viewing plaid shirts or men with sticks! A simplified version of also saying that I never again felt unrelated fear to strange men approaching me on the street.

As 'healers' or facilitators of healing as we prefer to be called, we see evidence of cellular memory all the time. Especially as it's being released. Although this is purely observational and anecdotal and has no way of being measured empirically or proved that it's coming from anywhere other than the brain,, there's no doubt to us or the clients that it is coming from the basic cells themselves.

Physical evidence of cellular memory release is demonstrated by body movement, twitching, pulsing, feelings of twinges or tingling, even in areas where we aren't working. Even body miracles take place here as demonstrated by blood pressure decrease, blood sugar decrease, pain decrease or elimination or other physical healing.

Emotional evidence of cellular memory release is shown through crying, laughing, talking, but not necessarily re-experiencing. Through intention, it is possible to release cell memory without having to re-experience it. Therefore trauma does not have to be re-experienced in order to let it go. This is profoundly different from traditional therapies.

Mental evidence of cellular memory release is shown through verbal processing, where connections are made that weren't visible before. People will change mental thought patterns that no longer serve them. And suddenly find themselves with patterns that are more helpful. Such as releasing beliefs around having too much money and the possible negative connotations with that. And through realizing that, adopting a more beneficial attitude that money can be used any way you like. There's nothing evil about it. Although again, it's possible to release without knowing what it is you are releasing.

Spiritual evidence of cellular memory release is demonstrated by elimination of judgment toward oneself and others, a release of guilt and even by past life recall and connections to current situations. There is a stronger connection to all that is, or source energy, and a belief that you may not know where you are going so long as you know you are on your way.

True cell level healing isn't just about releasing the memories stored there. It's also about replacing that memory with higher frequencies. When we release things, a vacuum is created, and unless we fill up that vacuum with a higher vibration, the same old pattern will be attracted back into the body. So as heartache is released for example, the cell level healing replaces that memory with the frequency of love. As guilt is released, cell level healing replaces that memory with the frequency of innocence. So far, we have found only one therapy that takes cell level healing to this level of replacing the memory with higher frequency, and that is Integrated Energy Therapy. Other cell level therapies that are worth exploring include Theta Healing, Quantum Touch, and Myo-Fascial Release.

How do we know that true cell level healing is happening? Again, this is observational and anecdoctal. We see in our clients that they look lighter, freer, younger, more youthful and more empowered. They report this also. They say they feel and look like they've had a face lift without any of the side effects! They feel like they've lost ten pounds in one hour! Because we don't realize how much energy it takes to hold onto suppressed memories. It's only when we release the memories and feel how much more energy is now able to come through us that we make this connection.

We also see changes in one's aura with cell level healing. Notice the aura pictures of before and after cell healing. In photo #1A (Before the healing), healing is already happening at a physical level, as evidenced by the green on the right and bottom left of the picture. The red blob at the bottom is evidence of anger and resentment held in the liver and the spleen. In photo #1B (After the healing), the green has moved more into the mental and spiritual layers of the aura (the upper area), signifying a release in mental belief systems that didn't serve. (This was according to the client's focus which was to release old reactions to situations.) The red blob has now been healed and replaced with an angelic blue, in alignment with the client's focus also. (Please angels, take away my anger and resentment and fill me up with forgiveness.)


In Photo #2A, this person was showing a tremendous amount of vitality as evidenced by the scarlet and gold. This tends to be the aura of a healer. (The focus of this healing session was to be the best he could be and in divine alignment.)


In photo #2B, notice the green healing entering into the physical layer on the right encompassing the spleen where resentment is held and even into the heart area, releasing heartache. More gold is now evident as well as several dots at the top of the page indicating supportive guides. (According to the client, he asked for help in walking his path.)




Why do we want to have cell level healing? It's a permanent change that results in a healing of a higher dimension. People are capable of healing themselves faster. They are more empowered to envision, embrace and enact their souls' mission with joy. And they are acting more in divine alignment and divine intention and divine integrity.

As we move through the shift, it's our responsibility to clean and clear ourselves of energy imprints that get in our way. In order to bring about a better universe, it begins with us.

Permanently healing ourselves from our cell level.

For more information on Phoenix and Leon, Your HeartWalk Center (Sedona, AZ), Flower of Life Workshops and cell level healing, see their website: www.sedonaheartwalk.com

For more information on Integrated Energy Therapy, see their website: www.learniet.com


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