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ASCENSION: What are they Talking About?

By Michael Pilarski

Over the past decade the topic of "ascension" has been coming up with increasing frequency. You won't hear this on the news. It is only discussed by small circles of people and in some books and websites. Still, by now the number of people who have been introduced to this concept/prophecy must be in the millions in the US alone, especially in spirituality, new-age and channeling circles. Some of the more popular channels and books now reach millions of people.

Being a curious sort, I have been doing some research on ascension. Here are a few of my current understandings, questions and some sources which discuss ascension in a way that resonates with me.

As some of you know, I have been a student of world affairs and spirituality since the early 1970s. In particular I have studied the fairy/nature spirit/deva realm. My main work in the outer world is with plants and permaculture. Permaculture is a design system for healing the earth and meeting human needs at the same time.

Standard Disclaimer: The following article represents what currently resonates with me. Lots of questions are raised here. I have learned not to get attached to my own cosmology because it changes over time. Pick and choose what you like out of this material. Only accept those parts of this information which rings true within your heart. The writings in the websites and books recommended herein are much more knowledgeable and eloquent then this brief introduction.

Many sources say that Planet Earth has made a decision to ascend from the 3rd dimension to the 4th dimension and that humans have been delivered an ultimatum. Raise your vibration and ascend along with the Earth; or, if you can't raise your vibration, your body will die. Furthermore you won't be able to reincarnate on the new 4th dimensional earth, but will re-incarnate on other 3D planets.

There is an alternative scenario to this off-planet transfer of human souls. This scenario says that the Earth will still exist as a 3rd dimensional planet for 3D humans to continue to incarnate on and learn their lessons. At the same time all those humans who shift into the 4th dimension with the new 4th-dimension Earth will go their own way. Two earths instead of just one. No one has to move to another planet.

How does this separation take place? Will it even happen? Who decides? My understanding is that as a freewill soul we will each ourselves make the decision to stay in 3rd dimension existence or move on to 4th dimension. It sounds as though everyone is having a grace period to make it into the 4th dimension. However the 5th dimension sounds like you have to really earn it. You can't just will yourself there.

My understanding is that it matters not what religion or belief system you come from. What matters is how much your life demonstrates the qualities of love, compassion, peace, appreciation, gratitude and joy; rather then qualities such as fear, judgment, greed, violence, etc. It is what you practice rather than what you profess that counts.

Here is a quote which mirrors my perspective. "All faiths, no matter if they be Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Pagan, Islamic, Hindu or any of the other myriad religions found on the face of the physical Earth, are valid in the eyes of the Holy Parents, so long as the practitioners of these faiths live their lives with sincere compassion and love towards all Creation." From "Gnomes in The Garden: Celtic Faerie Teachings" by David and Carol Swing.

Personally I would love to see everybody in the world get pulled up by their bootstraps into a new heaven on earth. However I realize that my idea of heaven might be somebody else's hell and vice versa. Even though I don't know what is really going to happen, I am tuning into one of the collective memes in current times, i.e. ascension. In other words there are millions of people who share similar ideas to mine. There are many other collective memes out there including the somehow related "rapture" of the Christians and other memes featuring a belief in some sort of end-times, a division of the people and of large amounts of people dying.

It doesn't take too much study of the world situation as we go into 2008, to see plenty of potential for rapid population decline due to famine, war, nuclear conflict, peak oil, economic collapse, plagues, earth-changes, polar shifts, etc, or a combination of factors. One proposed ascension concept is that people who can't raise their vibration over the course of the ascension changeover will have their immune systems collapse leaving them susceptible to whatever diseases happen to be around.

Any sort of large population decline in the world is certainly going to be very traumatic for humanity in general as many people will lose loved ones. Past world history is that it is always the poorest who die first and in the largest numbers. If one's health in this hypothetical ascension process is related to your love vibration then it wouldn't be just the poor who would be affected. In fact, it is likely that proportionately more of the ruling classes would not make the ascension.

Ascension is not a new concept. It is mentioned in spiritual writings throughout history. It is the goal of Hindus and Buddhists to ascend and get off the wheel of death and rebirth. What is different this time is that the whole planet is ascending and masses of humanity all at once, instead of the one-by-one ascensions of the past.

There are now hundreds of websites which contain current writings on ascension. If we take a broad view of ascension as discussed in spiritual and religious writings throughout recorded history then there is a vast amount of writings on ascension.

This whole theory of a human soul advancing gradually upward into higher dimensions over eons of time is not too difficult for me to comprehend. But when I also try to correlate the metaphysical concept that human souls are living at every different dimension simultaneously anyway, that is where I get bogged down. "It's hard for the intellect to comprehend this because it is designed to function in linear time, and reality is composed of both linear and non-linear dimensions" Sal Rachele.

4th dimension people are still on the wheel of death and rebirth (reincarnation). Their bodies die at some point, after which they live in some afterworld for varying amounts of time and then reincarnate as a new baby.

5th dimension ascension means people take their physical body up to the 5th dimension where their bodies are relatively immortal and they do not have to reincarnate into 3rd or 4th dimensional worlds, though they may still choose to do so for special missions.

At any rate, it appears that ascension to the fifth dimension is a rare phenomena involving very developed human souls. Gautama Buddha and Jesus Christ being the most well-known examples. You get the impression that earning 5th-dimension ascension takes a long period of time (many lifetimes) but that it happens (culminates) all at once. One minute they are on Earth and the next there is a pile of empty clothing. Luckily for the clothing industry most sources say only a small percentage of people will ascend to the 5th dimension at this time. Most people are only going to the 4th dimension and your body and clothes come along.

What seems less clear is what happens to the 3D people who don't upgrade? And of course you have a wide range of opinions on what respective proportions of humanity will end up in the 3rd, 4th or 5th dimension. I like the viewpoint that everyone is making the best decisions for their own evolution at this time. In most ascension cosmologies, the 3D humans are just being held back a grade in school and once they've learned their lessons will ascend to the 4th dimension, then the 5th and so on. Most ascension cosmologies say that is the way this universe is set up. All humans gradually ascend through the dimensions. You can't really avoid it. I imagine this is a scary thought for humans currently heading away from the Light.

How many are going to make it into the 4th or 5th dimension? Some channels say hardly anyone; and others say almost everyone. Patricia Cota-Robles is the most optimistic of sources saying virtually everyone will make the shift. Will it be a hard landing or a soft landing? Lots of disagreement on this topic, but most sources predict lots of earth changes, wars, political upheavals, plagues, etc. Some sources predict comets, asteroids or planetary bodies whizzing by Earth and creating vast upheavals.

I like the scenario that says there is a planetary-wide miracle happening now and that soon there will be a world of peace and love. The 4th dimension is said to be a world of freedom, full bellies and happy people. No more war, no oppression.

Most of the world's governments are controlled by financial/industrial cartels, dictators or oppressive state governments. Oppression and environmental destruction are happening in some degree or another across the whole planet. Yet I am optimistic about the future because of my belief that the Earth and many of it inhabitants are going through this ascension process. This involves an increase in vibratory level. This is a process that humans cannot stop. You could say that only people with love and compassion in their hearts will still be alive on earth after the dust settles. Warlike, violent, aggressive people will have changed or won't be alive. It is unclear how this will all play out. During the process (which is already underway) more and more humans are having their heart centers opened up which makes them less want to support (or tolerate) wars, oppression, injustices, violence, corruption, greed, environmental damage, etc.

As more and more people have their hearts opened further and further, the whole world can change in a relatively small period of time. This process is supposed to be well under way by 2012 and largely completed by 2030. There are a lot of current channeling and Indigenous prophecies about the year 2012 (the end of the Mayan calendar, the Hopis). Some people look at 2012 as some kind of end date. My take on it is that even though lots of upheaval may happen before or during 2012, this is a process and traumatic events might continue to unfold for some time afterwards. Most sources seem to think that a much better world will be established in a relatively short time-frame. Most say over the next several decades. Many say as early as 2012.

During the process there will be less and less support for war and injustices until they largely stop. With a humanity oriented toward love, compassion, sharing and service the world would become a much more pleasant place to live.

There are things that individuals can do to help this ascension process go more smoothly for themselves — physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. The usual kinds of recommendations. Things like meditation, prayer, healthy diet, time in nature, exercise, serving others, thinking positive thoughts, sound healing, taking flower essences, etc.

If you die during the next few years, does that mean you flunked the 4th dimension shift? Not necessarily. Many people's soul contracts are up during this time. Those with suitable, soul level development will ascend from the other side.

Human souls are coming and going out of incarnation on earth at a fast clip. 353,000 births per day and 159,000 deaths per day at this point. About 58 million people died and about 129 million were born in 2007. There are an estimated 6.6 billion people on the planet. The ecologists keep reminding us that nature usually brings on a population crash after a population leap. Are humans due for a die-off event?

What will happen politically in the world? There is certainly a lot of ferment going on around the world. The possibility of more enlightened governments and political systems arising are clearly one of the options. There is still a lot of integrity, common sense, compassion, self-preservation and a sense of justice in the human race, and according to the ascension scenario, they are growing.

What about all the other life waves attached to the earth (in all her dimensions)? What will happen to them during the planetary ascension process?

What about all the humans who are not in physical embodiment at this time? My understanding is that there are many, many places that human souls go in between earth incarnations. Each religion has various ideas about what happens to souls when the physical body dies. Almost all beliefs involve places that souls go to after death. In many cases there are various levels of heavens, hells, purgatories, and limbos. (Just for the record, I don't personally believe in any form of permanent hell. In my cosmology everybody graduates at some point). There are also a vast amount of esoteric, occult and metaphysical explanations, almost all of which involve re-incarnation. Some writers say discarnate human souls live in the astral realms in between physical embodiments. Some say that spiritually advanced humans live in higher spiritual realms between incarnations or even on other planets. What is going to happen to souls in the 3rd density or lower planes when the Earth ascends? I am assuming that all discarnate humans will also have a chance to ascend another notch during this time. It is most likely easier to ascend if you are dead then if you are alive.

What about the animals, whales, birds, plants and other physical life-forms on Earth during the earth's ascension process? Most sources imply that they will ascend right along with the earth and will look even more beautiful. They would not be left behind. But there are differing opinions. Sal Rachele in a November, 2007 channeling said a fair number of animal species would become extinct during the ascension process.

Nature spirits/fairy/deva evolution. My understanding is that the inhabitants of this realm operate on the etheric plane of earth. It is likely that one of the explanations for the fact that more people are seeing fairies (and other dimensions), is that as people ascend they can see easier into the higher dimensions. So does this mean humans will move more into the vibration that fairies exist in? Or will fairies also ascend another notch and still remain largely invisible to humans? My feeling is that communication will be enhanced and there will be more conscious cooperation and cocreation between humans and fairies. Most sources say that fairies also reincarnate, so there must be a place we might call "fairy heaven". Where is this fairy heaven? What dimension? How is it related to the earth? Or is it off earth? Will this fairy heaven also ascend in vibration? Most sources agree that the nature fairy/deva evolution does not have free will and is totally in sync with the Creator and Light. We could say that fairies don't have a mean bone in their body. Their goal is to serve in a loving way. Thus we should expect that as the Earth ascends the nature fairies and devas will also ascend and will be greatly thrilled by it all, since they have not been happy with human environmental degradation and bad vibes. Another viewpoint is that the fairies and devas already exist at the 4th dimension and above, so they will be there waiting for us when we arrive.

What about the faery realm(s)? The Sidhe. Notice the different spelling I use for this race of beings. According to Eileen Kilgren and many traditional sources the faery race is a souled race with free will. It is often said that they live in the "underworld". Is this a place within the earth? Is it a vibratory realm? How does it fit into our various constructs of different planes of being/vibrations/ dimensions? What will happen to these realms? Will all (or some of them) ascend? Will contact with human beings be easier or harder?

Who are they anyway? It is much harder (for me) to get firm data on these faery races compared to the nature fairy/deva evolution. When I travel to the land of the faeries during R. J. Stewart's workshops, we travel down into the underworld. There are members of the nature fairy/deva evolution within the planet (earth, crystal and fire beings), but they are not the same as these mysterious faery/faerie beings of which most is known about from Celtic legends. If you watched the Lord of The Rings movie trilogy, the faery we speak of here are very similar to how Tolkien portrayed the elves who eventually sailed away. Because of the current widespread interest in paganism, and spiritual searching in general there is also a renaissance in connecting with these realms. Consider attending the Fairy & Human Relations Congress if you want to know more about the fairy or faery realms. www.fairycongress.com

I just read a book that casts some light on these faeries. "Gnomes in The Garden: Celtic Faerie Teachings" by David and Carol Swing, 2003. Avalon Grove Press, Weaverville, NC. 216 pages. www.avalongrove.com It is not a large book but it covers a lot of ground and many types of faerie: sprites, devas, elves, gnomes, brownies, dragons, centaurs, merfolk and other Fair Folk. All of them are beings of Light, knowledge and spiritual wisdom. The faerie races described in this book exist in an earth realm higher then physical Earth. Perhaps the 4th dimension. In this book the faeries state that they are looking forward to the merging of the spirit Garden (where they live) and the physical Earth (where humans live).

What about the angel evolution? There are many branches of angels. Some are connected specifically with humanity and some with the Earth. There are great solar angels in our sun. There are angels associated with every planet, star and celestial body in this universe. Which brings up the question "is the whole solar system ascending or just planet Earth?"

I'll just stick to speculations about planet Earth for now. During ascension what will happen to Earth's current, angel staff? Does this ascension process affect them also? What are the angels' roles in making the ascension process happen?

There are hundreds of books on angels written throughout the ages and hundreds more in just the last ten years. The books' descriptions contain many similarities and some differences. Suffice it to say there are many kinds of angels of many sizes (none of them small) and all of them are glorious. There doesn't seem to be an angel equivalent to the tiny stage that fairies go through, although Cherubin are commonly portrayed as chubby, little Caucasian babies. Hardly flattering. In some writings the angels are portrayed as not having free will. Other authors attribute free will to angels. We sense that angels have very long lifetimes (if that term is even applicable) and that they operate at higher dimensional levels. One can assume the angels are applauding and aiding the ascension process.

What about all the negative entities connected with Earth? What will happen to them? What about all the thought-forms? What about the so-called "grays" or other negative space-beings said to be operating on Earth? What about the wide diversity of beings collectively referred to as "other kin"? Will they just get left behind when the earth ascends? Will they be transferred to other planets? If they are not souled life-forms will they just cease to exist?

Please be aware that there are thousands of people channeling out there and some are channeling various tricksters or imposters. Just because someone does not have a physical body doesn't mean they have any more knowledge than you do. Some channels are con artists and some are delusional. Just because someone says they are channeling Jesus or Mother Mary or Commander Ashtar of the space command doesn't mean it is true. When looking at channelings and prophecies one must take into account that there are certainly lots of red herrings deliberately put out by various forces. It is rumored that a lot of the Armegeddon prophecies are propaganda put out by the dark, controller forces. Please exercise caution.

Lots of questions. Grasping the concepts of ascension and humans existing at different vibratory levels are relatively easy to grasp since many spiritual teachings and religions discuss these things, but when we consider all the levels of all the other beings that are involved it gets more complex. I feel totally inadequate to understand or explain these things; but I offer these thoughts in the hopes that some of you will find them useful and/or help me to understand more. You are encouraged to send me additional perspectives and sources to consider.

Best wishes in the next decade and in the millenniums to come, Michael Pilarski



Following are some current websites and books which offer insights into the ascension process. What it is and how to make the transition. Please send me recommendations of websites, books and sources to check out.


Scroll to the bottom of the home page and click on the "Articles" button. One of my favorite sources. They have recently added a noteworthy article on 2012. Matthew died when he was 17 years old. His mother Susan mourned his loss. Years later he began talking to his Mother and telling her about his life as a high vibrational being traveling the universe. He also began delivering messages to humanity about these coming times.

Sal Rachele was a presenter at our 2007 Fairy & Human Relations Congress and I attended two of his workshops. Sal sells several channeled books and has writings on his website.

Barbara Hand Clow's website. Much to do with the Mayan calendar and astrology.


Norma Gentile is a sound healer, clairvoyant and channeler. she conducts workshops on "Healing through The Heart of Light" around the US. The tone of her channelings are calming and uplfiting. Ascension is one of her topics.

A link to a message from Atamira, channeled through Norma Gentile.

The Ascension of Planet Earth
Planet Earth and humanity are currently undergoing major changes as part of a significant step-up in their evolutionary development.

The Christ Matrix® Ascension Academy develops programs to prepare the children of earth for ascension. We develop all levels within self with a deep understanding of the mystery teachings handed down by the Ascended Masters. Here is the link to an article on ascension. "Awakening into Union with the Soul," by the Lord of Sirius. Channeled September 19, 2002.


Channelings by Susanna Thorpe-Clark 24 articles about ascension and preparation.




Life on the Cutting Edge. Sal Rachele. 1994.
This book has a wide range of topics, but chief among them is ascension and the coming times.

Messages from the Founders: Earth Changes and 2012.
Received by Sal Rachele. Late 2007. Both books include information on the current (and past) roles of ET races on Earth. www.salrachele.com

The Mayan Code by Barbara Hand Clow.
2007. Bear & Company, Rochester, VT. 282 pages. $18 retail.
The book gives an analysis of recent events to 2006 and predictions from 2008 to 2012 when the planet and humanity go through an ascension process. The book also contains information about the last 100,000 years of world history. Humanity and the planet were drastically changed and traumatized in a great cataclysm in 9500 BC. A cosmic event (likely fragments from the blast from the Vela Supernova) knocked the earth off its axis (seasons arrived for the first time), caused a great extinction (Pleistocene mammal extinction) killed most humans on the planet and destroyed the advanced civilization of the time (Atlantis). This caused a collective human trauma (called catastrophobia by Clow) which has resulted in the patriarchy, violence, anger and greed of the ensuing centuries. Barbara Hand Clow is one of the principal writers about the Mayan calendar's relevance for our times. In this book she details the findings of Carl Johann Calleman who explains how time is speeding up at the end of the Mayan calendar. According to Callahan and Clow we better hold on to our hats in the next four years as we are in for a roller coaster ride of political, economic and physical earth changes; culminating in a vastly improved world with societies based on sharing and love.

The Matthew Books
There are four books in this series. You can get an idea of their contents by looking at their website, recommended in the websites section.

Michael Pilarski


About Michael Pilarski

Michael Pilarski has been a student of world affairs and spirituality since the early 1970s. Michael has particularly studied the fairy/nature spirit/deva realms and is the founder of the Fairy & Human Relations Congress. The 8th annual congress will be held June 27-29 in Washington State. Michael is also a permaculture teacher and consultant informing people about how humanity can live in harmony with the natural world. He can be reached at: michael@fairycongress.com, or at his web site: www.fairycongress.com