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“THE DAWN OF A NEW TIME” (“Die Morgendämmerung einer Neuen Zeit”)

June, 2012

We are happy to present new articles, videos and messages for the new issue of Spirit of Ma'at.


From YouTube

Anticipating the arrival of the Kogi and Arhuaco Mamos we were reminded of the documentary, ‘The Elder Brothers Speak”. Filmed by Alan Ereira for the BBC in 1991, to date this video is one of the only points of access for anyone seeking information about the Kogi and their way of life. If you are hearing about the Mamos for the first time, ‘The Elder Brothers Speak’ will give you a sense of where these amazing beings are coming from and it will open your eyes to things that will beg you to rethink everything you’ve been taught about what it means to be human. We invite you to tune in and explore a world that has survived every attempt to destroy it, and to open your hearts the wisdom of the Elder Brothers, the ones who before the month is out, will be coming up from the ‘Heart of the World’ to remind their ‘Younger Brothers’ how to live.

Excerpts from: “The Elder Brothers” by Alan Ereira (Alfred A. Knopf, New York, 1992)

Kogi Genesis
In the beginning, there was blackness.
Only the sea.
In the beginning there was no sun, no moon, no people.
In the beginning there were no animals, no plants.
Only the sea.
The sea was the Mother.
The Mother was not people, she was not anything.
Nothing at all.
She was when she was, darkly.
She was memory and potential.
She was Aluna. -- p. 115


“Everything we do is an event not only in the physical world but also in the spirit world. We live in a world shaped in spirit. Every tree, every stone, every river, has a spirit form, invisible to the Younger Brother. This is the world of Aluna, the world of thought and spirit. Aluna embraces intelligence, soul and fertility: it is the stuff of life, the essence of reality. The material world is underpinned, shaped, given life and generative power in Aluna, and the Mama's work is carried out in Aluna”. -- p. 63

“Because Kogi elders or Mamas are seers, graduates of a mystery school, they have the natural ability to penetrate higher planes of existence and hidden causes. They understand the vital truth of the maxim "as above, so below." When the Younger Brother in his vanity, urged by his greed and ambition, thinks that he is "running things," that is when the planet and our existence on it become endangered. The expression of the law of the Great Mother is interfered with.”


“If all the Kogi die, do you, Younger Brother,
think that you will also go on living?
Many stories have been heard that the sun will go out,
the world will come to an end.
But if we all act well and think well it will not end.
That is why we are still looking after
the sun and the moon and the land.” -- pp. 166-7


Why did the ancient traditions repeatedly give us symbols of the pineal gland?   (Deutsch)

BEWARE ... THE ART OF HYPNOSIS – an article from Source Field Investigations

The chakra system is like a switchboard – each circuit is a line of communication that connects us to the greater universe and to the communication systems within ourselves. The Sixth Chakra is related to the Pineal Gland and to the energies that we associate with the Third Eye. Of late, its real purpose and function have become a hot topic in the spiritual community. In some circles the Pineal Gland is understood to be the “eye” through which we perceive our experience and project whatever we perceive onto the spheres of consciousness that define our outer reality. Our own experience has taught us that this is true. As we move through this period of intense solar activity the following article suggests that the ability to tap into the beams of light that connect the Pineal Gland to the greater universe will go a long way to help us dream up a new and better world.


From YouTube

Those of you who are old enough to remember the events that occurred on the Pine Ridge Reservation back in 1973, are probably already familiar with John Trudell. For those of you who have never heard of this man, John Trudell served as the chairman of the American Indian Movement during the seventies, and has been a voice for the Native American people ever since that time. Brilliant and eloquent enough to be considered ‘dangerous’ by the FBI, after he burned the American flag in a public demonstration, within days, in retaliation, the FBI set fire to his in-laws’ home on Nevada’s Duck Valley Indian Reservation, killing John’s pregnant wife, his three young children, and his mother-in-law. It was then that his ‘lines’ began to stream through his spirit and etch themselves into everything he has ever said, written, or recorded. As the Dawn of the New Time invites us to remember the ones who paved the way for its return, the ‘TRUDELL DOCUMENTARY ‘ will remind you of the man whose words echo in honor of the millions of forgotten souls who died along the way. We have come to the conclusion that John Trudell is the poetic reincarnation of the great warrior, Chief Geronimo: do yourself a favor and make time to listen to him speak.



From YouTube

This is a truly memorable and moving documentary on the social and political problems of Lakota life on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota. So many of us are mis- or under informed about their culture and their ways. In ‘Woundedheart: Pine Ridge and the Sioux’, director Oliver Tuthill gives us an un-yielding glance into the Lakota's everyday problems and their perseverance in the face of mountains of systematic interference. He shows the issues factually and lets the viewer witness the horrors for themselves. The film is highlighted by insightful interviews with the Lakota and with government officials who do their best to shed light on the truth. Seeing this documentary will move anyone who watches it to get more involved and try to make a difference in the hard lives of these remarkable people. Be prepared for an inside look at the grittiness of their everyday reality, and its contrast to the beauty and richness of their culture, their customs, and their will to survive. For anyone who wants to know more about, and be inspired by the Lakota way of life, this is one video you won’t want to miss.



From YouTube

‘American Holocaust’, a powerful and hard-hitting documentary, is quite possibly the only film that makes the connection between the Nazi holocaust, which claimed the lives of approximately six-million Jews, and the unacknowledged American genocide, which inspired the Nazis and which, according to conservative estimates, claimed the lives of over nineteen-million Indigenous American people. This fact has been shoved under the rug for far too long and it is fully exposed in ‘American Holocaust’. We have no doubt that you will be deeply moved by what you see in this film. If you’re like us, you will need to break out the Kleenex and be prepared to ‘watch it and weep’. To tune in, click on the link.



By Cal Garrison

Cal spends a lot of her time combing through the underground news. On April first she came across an article about Dick Cheney’s heart transplant. The information it contained was controversial enough to be a threat to Mr. Cheney and to all of the Powers that Be – so much so that within two days the story was removed from the internet, and is now nowhere to be found. In her efforts to try to figure out whether there was any truth to this report, Cal got to thinking about a million other things and decided to weave all of her thoughts into an article, if only to make sense of them herself. It’s a good thing that Ms. Garrison likes to write. In her Solstice piece she talks about the ex- VP, his transplant, and the things that may or may not have come to pass when he woke up with a brand new ticker.


Most of us have heard about the HAARP Project. If what we know about it is limited to a small portion of what its ultimate intent and purpose might be, now that the lid is getting blown off every other secret, come to find out, there is no end to what scalar technology can produce when it comes to elemental mayhem – Hurricane Katrina being a case in point. Ever since the federal government stole all of this potentially beneficial knowledge from Nikola Tesla, in the wrong hands it has become a force to be reckoned with. Because of this we thought it would be a good idea to offer you a short course on how the HAARP technology works. The following article is written in plain English and it is filled with photographs that will help you identify the cloud patterns and the weather patterns that materialize whenever the powers that be decide to mess around with Mother Earth. We encourage you to read it – after all; ‘knowledge is power’ and in this day and age it pays to stay informed.

A Million Flames   (Deutsch)

By Jo Mooy

Describing what feels to us like it had to be a pre-cognitive dream, Jo Mooy tells the story of horses, and women, thousands of them, circled around the Great Mother Goddess, in a ceremony that transformed a sword into a million beams of light – and ultimately wound up inspiring her to write this article. As we consider our relationship to the power of the female it behooves all of us to reckon with it on a much deeper level than we ever have before. We think you will enjoy Jo’s Solstice reflections. They are timely and relevant to all women at a point where we’re coming around to what it really means to bring our gifts and our wisdom to the fore.


By CC Treadway

CC’s definitely hot on having a big life. Hanging out with the Indigo-hippie- Burning Man crowd was never enough for this gal! In waking up to the fact that it’s totally OK to want to have it all, she faced a dilemma that many of us have a hard time coming to terms with – and that is: how does one manage to maintain a strong connection to Spirit, while living in the middle of this hectic, materialistic, ambition driven world? It’s an interesting question - and CC has plenty of answers. If you’re someone who understands that you’ve already got one foot in the next dimension, but who struggles with the thought that you might have to give up everything you ever wanted in order to make it all the way ‘home’, put your fears to rest and listen to CC talk about what it takes to be a spiritual person with an ‘A’ Type personality and dreams that are larger than life.


By Norma Gentile

Norma decided to give us a break and do something playful this month. Instead of wracking her brain, or contemplating her navel, she whipped out her camera and started taking photographs of the Spirit world. That’s right folks; it’s always right there in front of us! Anyone who’s ever had ‘Orbs’ appear in their snapshots knows that there is plenty of evidence for this. You’re going to enjoy this one – and you just might learn something from it too. Have your camera ready; we have a feeling Norma’s photographs will light up your inner child and make you want to go out and take a few pictures of your own.


By Phoenix Rising Star

With all the conflicting viewpoints on the ascension process, it's hard to know a) what to believe, and b) what to do to prepare. In her June article, Phoenix has come up with a simple series of steps that are designed to help move us to the next level of consciousness, vibration, frequency and/or dimension.  And by the way; this could very well be the Express Route out of the box – because according to Phoenix, you don’t have to be a super-conscious Being to get her prescription to work - it is so simple and easy to apply, anyone who wishes to put it to the test will find that it will help you wake up, easily and gracefully, in no time at all.


By Phoenix Rising Star

As we prepare to ascend, what can we do? Looking at the possibility of what life could be like if love was the operative word and if every last one of us had a connection to our Higher Self, Phoenix uses this article to bring up the question; is there anything else that might help us to make this period of awakening smoother, easier, and less of a mystery? Never one to doubt the existence of ‘Other Worldly’ options, she proceeds to remind us that the Heart is a terminal that links us to everything in creation – which begs us to wonder whether it might help us to connect with different stargate energies as a means to propel us to that next level?  We invite you to step far enough out of the box to let Phoenix introduce you to the existence of stargates, and to the prospect of tapping into ascension energies that are out of this world.


By Manon Tromp

Sometimes we come up against a brick wall, long before we become aware that we’re stuck. Years can pass and we remain trapped by whatever it is that prevents us from seeing that we’re going nowhere. If we’re lucky, at some point we begin to question the way things are – and in the moment when we make the choice to relinquish the dictates of expectation and ego, every form of interference disappears and the slipstream to the realm of possibilities becomes endless. For those of you who are still wondering if it’s really safe to follow your bliss, in her Midsummer article, Manon Tromp talks about what happened to her life, and her ‘stuff’, on the day that she decided to break out and get a new one.


Links and Videos

Conscious Media Showcase

Spirit of Ma'at Showcase

The information stream is overflowing with truth these days. If you’re curious about it, a quick peek will show you that it’s spilling out all over the place. As much as some of it is hard to take, it seems as if we’ve reached the point where it’s getting easier to take the good with the bad. That being said our Midsummer showcase has everything from Alex Jones’ latest rants, to Michael Tsarion giving a discourse on ‘The Origins of Evil’, to a clip on the wonders of the Fibonacci sequence. If you’re someone who has questions about what’s up with the global financial situation, we have included the full length version of “An Inside Job” just to remind you that the current scenario is a ‘set up’ that was prearranged back in the fall of 2008. Another ‘set up’ just so happens to be the Fukushima blowout, and we’ve enlisted the wisdom of Dr. Leuren Moret to fill you in on that subject. In addition to these, and other hair raising issues, we had no choice but to bring up the Deep Water Horizon disaster – because it hasn’t gone away and if all we did was follow the mainstream news we’d never know that oil is still gushing out of the pipelines in the Gulf of Mexico. And if you’re clueless as to why we’re oblivious when it comes to even being able to hear the truth, you definitely need to watch, ‘Owned and Operated’. To sweeten the pot we’ve added a great flick on, ‘The Yogis of Tibet’, and a smattering of inspirational films that we popped in just to remind you that there is plenty of light on the path, and enough love in this world to carry us through the darkness. Welcome to our 2012 Midsummer Media Showcase – with any luck, what you find in this month’s lineup will inspire your mind, your heart, and your spirit to imagine what life could be like in a new and better world.

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Also Feathering The Sayaka Inka Cultural Group Concert – a special Saturday evening Performance.


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Journey to the Yucatan - December 19th - 29th, 2012

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A Sound Healing

WHAT ARE YOU HERE TO DO NOW? Accessing your High Heart to Lead and Empower your Life Now.   (Deutsch)

Sound Healing with Norma Gentile

This month Norma invites us to explore our second heart chakra, the newly emerging High Heart Chakra related to the thymus gland. Here is where the unconditional love expressed through our Traditional Heart Chakra is finely tuned to the personal and unique expression of love empowering our lives. As the Sun approaches its Zenith, let Norma’s voice give you pause to reflect and open your Heart to the power of love.

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

Morning Messages


Through Peggy Black

Peggy Black began receiving messages from her guides back in the Seventies. They first came to her in the form of stick figures, multi-dimensional 'sprites' who danced lithely across the pages of her sketch book. As her life changed and her connection to the invisible realms deepened, Peggy began to receive audible messages from the very same spirits who came dancing into her life forty years ago. Ever since she began to 'hear' her guides, she has channeled their every word onto paper. Her 'Morning Messages' are direct transmissions from a group of Souls who have a lot to say about life, and about the changes that are calling all of us to create a unified vision of a new and better world. This month's message:

EMISSARY OF LOVE   (Deutsch) All of us seem to be confronted with uncertainties of one sort or another. For better or worse we are either amazed or flipping out over the way life is going. On the brink of changes that have no precedent, what is it in us that knows how to call up the strength to meet them? If love is the most powerful force in the universe, the answer to that question is easy – it is the power of love that sees us through everything. According to the ‘team’ many of us are beginning to understand what it means to choose love over fear and live from the heart. In their June message they remind us that it’s time to bring that wisdom into everything we do. Those of you who wish to know more about how to open to yourself as a heart centered human being will be both informed and inspired by this month’s channeling from Peggy Black and the ‘team’.

If you're up for a dose of inspiration or a little something to remind you what you're here for, check out these channeled messages from Peggy Black and her Team. About "Morning Messages": The Unfolding Process.

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Languages: English, French (Francais), Spanish (Espanol), German (Deutsch), Russian (), Hungarian (Magyar).

El Camino Blanco — The White Road — Visions Of The Indigenous People Of The Americas

"The White Road" is a documentation of the Fifth Reunion of the Indigenous Elders and Priests of North and South America. It traces the steps of the wisdom keepers as they follow "El Camino Blanco", otherwise known as the pathway to spiritual knowledge, all the way from Merida, through the ancient temple complexes of the Yucatan Peninsula. For those of you who are familiar with Drunvalo's book, the 'Serpent of Light', this is the film version of his account of the ceremonies that led to the purification of the Mayaland. People from all over the world came to be part of this experience, one which, on the etheric level, marked the beginning of humanity's voyage through the Ascension Portal. Suitable for all ages, this timely and inspiring film is now available in the Ma'at Shop.