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Finding Our Way Home

July, 2007

We are happy to present new articles and audio interviews for the July issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

The Planetary Creatrix Global Meditation
An Audio Interview with Tom Kenyon

by Diane M. Cooper

Diane Cooper and Tom Kenyon talk about the upcoming Hathor Intensive in Seattle (July 6—8) where the Hathors will give teachings on creating and manifesting from other dimensions of consciousness and how to use this knowledge to be in service to the Planet. The workshop is followed on Sunday July 8th, by the Global Planetary Creatrix Global Meditation. Have a listen to find out more and then consult Tom Kenyon's website for more information on how to participate from your local area.

Audio Interview WMA (6 Mb, 40 min)

Audio Interview MP3 (5 Mb, 40 min)

A Message From the Hathors Through Tom Kenyon


The Reconnection Work — An Audio Interview with Eric Pearl

by Cal Garrison

Dr. Eric Pearl's Reconnection Work came to our attention through friends who do Reconnections Healings here in Sedona. Come to find out, everyone else on the planet seems to be way ahead of us! This man is attracting so much attention he is now famous all over the world and very much in the public eye. There's a reason why Dr. Pearl's work is causing such a stir — anything that works usually does. We were fortunate enough to catch Eric between gigs. To find out exactly what it is about Reconnection Healing that that's got everyone so excited, tune into Eric pearl's audio interview with Cal Garrison.


Audio Interview WMA   Part 1 (5 Mb, 43 min)    Part 2 (6 Mb, 49 min)

Audio Interview MP3    Part 1 (6 Mb, 43 min)    Part 2 (7 Mb, 49 min)


Peak Performance — An Audio Interview with Dr. James Hardt

by Diane M. Cooper

Being in the zone, and operating at a higher level, are all descriptions of an optimized mental state which most of us rarely experience. Although these levels of consciousness are highly productive and enjoyable, they have remained fleeting and often just outside our abilities to control; until now.

Join Diane Cooper as she interviews Dr. James Hardt, founder of the The Biocybernaut Institute as they discuss his methods for expanding states of awareness, and how alpha waves and the art of forgiveness affect our ability to access higher states of consciousness.



Audio Interview WMA (8 Mb, 55 min)

Audio Interview MP3 (7 Mb, 55 min)


Decoding the Divine: Angel Messages, a tool for Transformation and Creation

With Cynthia Schlosser By Julia Griffin

'Angel Messages' are beautiful interpretations of ancient energy presented as astrological information. They are a code of sorts, designed to liberate us into the remembrance of our divine nature. There is one Angel Message for each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. All of them carry helpful information and instructions that can be called upon whenever we need a little more light or guidance in our daily lives. This month's contribution from Julia Griffin is well worth the read.

CC Treadway
Brennan Healing Science

Barbara Brennan blew the lid off the essential nature of healing over thirty years ago. Her work is well known all over the globe. When it comes to deleting the patterns that block us from connecting with our own divinity this method of healing has proven to be among the best. CC Treadway talks to us about the Barbara Brennan work. Anyone who's interested in getting to the bottom of their issues, or searching for a practice that covers every base in the deepest possible way, will be inspired by what CC has to say.

Steve Thomson
Becoming a Self-Master in Your Own Life

Steve Thomson is an old soul who, like so many of us, has been around the 'spiritual barn' more times than he can count. The author of 'The Secret Key', in addition to his writing and his private consultations, Steve conducts workshops, seminars, and tours all over the world. Without attaching him self to any specific system, this man has managed to come up with methods that work — and whether it's 'by the book' or via the eclectic approach, what works is what we're after. We know his article will be of interest to all of you.

Jeff Allen
The Healing Gift of Psychic Reading

Jeff Allen is a graduate of The Berkeley Psychic Institute who does psychic healings based on those principles and teaches courses in the Berkeley method here in Sedona. These techniques have been around for a long time and they work well for many people. Although the Berkeley Psychic Institute system has been criticized for being too much 'of the mind', Jeff Allen has found a way to put some heart in it. Don't miss this article. It's a good one.

Sally Conway
Reconnecting: A Practitioner's experience with
The Reconnective Healing

Sally Conway and her husband Adam do Reconnection Healings in Sedona, Arizona. As an adjunct to our conversation with their teacher Dr. Eric Pearl, we decided to ask Sally to write an article on how the Reconnection Work has changed her life and the lives of her clients. If you are interested in exactly what goes on when you get 'reconnected' take the time to read what Sally has to say.

Cal Garrison
The Hierophant

It's Tarot Time! — The Hierophant is the guardian of the 'outer mysteries' and the preserver of the belief structures that we use to find our way home. He is also 'The Teacher', 'The Counselor', or 'The Guide' — the one who has the authority to show us 'The Way' by virtue of the fact that he is further along the path. This month's article on the tarot addresses the meaning of The Hierophant and the place that this card holds for anyone whose purpose involves seeking out the Truth.

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The Planetary Creatrix Global Meditation

The Planetary Creatrix Meditation will take place in Seattle, Washington (USA) on Sunday, July 8th from 2-4:00 PM, Pacific Daylight Time. This corresponds to 9-11:00 PM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) also on Sunday, July 8th. Please calculate the time for your local area. You can also visit the World Clock on the web at: http://www.timeanddate.com/time/(Click on the Time Zone Converter to verify the correct time for your location). Go to www.tomkenyon.com/hathors.php for detailed instructions on the meditation and messages from the Hathors.


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