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Alien Blue Star

Peter Tongue interviews Miriam Delicado

Miriam Delicado's psychic abilities have been part of her life since she was a young girl. A native of British Columbia, in 1988, her special powers attracted the attention of a group of 'Tall Blonde' Aliens. Their communications with her have turned Miriam into a Hopi Prophecy expert. In this interview with Peter Tongue, Miriam explains how her psychic talents came into focus and goes on to talk about her alien contacts and their warnings about a possible future in which our existence as a species is at risk. Click on the link to learn where the Safe Lands will be in the End Times and why the Aliens' messages are important to all of us now!

An Audio Interview

Host Peter Tongue interviews Miriam Delicado, who had contact with Tall Blond extra-terrestrial beings in 1988. Their message was for peace and hope for our future on Earth. Miriam will discuss the communication she received, the connection to the Hopi Prophesy and the End Times!

Miriam Delicado and Alien Blue Star. Audio Interview 10/01/08


Peter Tongue's website: www.petertongue.com/radio.html

Cal Garrison


Miriam Delicado

Miriam Delicado began a journey into the world of UFOs and Aliens after an abduction experience in the fall of 1988. During this encounter Tall Blond Aliens made a request for Miriam to educate the world of their presence. She outlines her Alien experiences in her book 'Blue Star Fulfilling Prophecy' to fulfill that request. This journey has led her to the discovery of her father's involvement, to the Native American Prophecies, and to the Hopi people.

To find out more about Miriam's work go to www.alienbluestar.com
or email her at Miriam@alienbluestar.com