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By Cal Garrison Bock Saga


This information first came to my attention 3 years ago, through Slim Spurling, a fellow Scandinavian and seeker of Truth. Upon looking into it, the Bock Saga struck a chord that resonated not in my mind, but at a cellular level. Only recently did I discover that Drunvalo was involved in the research that was undertaken when the original secrets were first made public — and I am grateful to him for filling me in on some of the details. What's presented here is by no means a complete dissertation on this ancient and amazing story — but if it intrigues the reader enough to make them think about life and their inner work in a whole new light, perhaps it will suffice for now. If and when more information surfaces, you can be sure that we will share it with you here, on the Spirit of Ma'at.


The Bock Saga is an ancient oral tradition that has been passed down through the generations for millions of years. What we know of it has come to us through the last living member of the Bock family, a Finnish man by the name of Ior Bock. Twenty-three years ago, Mr. Bock came forward with a body of wisdom that, if there is any truth to it, and there appears to be, will upset every notion we have about who we are and how to live. As much as this information challenges all of our core beliefs, it has enough substance to it to make any thinking person want to take a closer look.


The legend goes back before recorded history to the 'old' North Pole. There in the land of 'Oden-ma', or 'Ring-Land' (What we now know as Helsinki) the Sun circled the horizon in a ring of light, 24-hours a day. In the exact center of this place Frey, the first masculine member of the Bock bloodline and the first of the Aser people, came into being. He anchored the male principle and it was from Frey that all the generations of men who followed would take their example. His twin sister Freya, the first 'Svan', or first feminine member of the Aser people, anchored the female principle — and it was from her that all women born would take their example.

At the age of 7, Frey began creating sperm, a signal that his brain was prepared to receive the Alphernas Beten, the potent Seed of Life, or root knowledge that contained all the information necessary to establish and maintain harmony on the planet. This information came to Frey in the form of sounds. By going into vibratory resonance with those sounds his brain was able to receive this primal wisdom. He began to exchange this information with Freya — not with words the way we do but through sound — and via this very different form of communication the two of them came to understand that they were to initiate a system of procreation that would insure that all of their descendants be 'god' (In their language 'god' meant 'good inside') and 'brah' (Meaning outwardly skillful and worthy') people. What began with Frey and Freya became a living body of wisdom that has survived via oral tradition, being passed down through lineage descent from one member of the Bock family to another. That information was disseminated throughout the world in a very specific way and carried down through the generations so that those who came after would know how to keep everything balanced.


Approximately 50 million years ago the Earth's axis declinated and this state of perfect order was interrupted by a pole shift. This cataclysm turned the entire planet to ice and the original instructions that had been carefully preserved by the Bock family were lost forever — or so it would seem. Apparently the Bocks and their kin understood enough about the conscious use of sexual energy to co-create a realm of safety in the land of Oden-ma. This part of the Earth remained tropical during 'Ice Time' and the people who inhabited it lived happily, staying true to the original sacraments and traditions for the next 90 thousand years.

When the ice finally melted and life returned to the rest of the world, the Truths surrounding how to live in harmony with each other and with nature were still intact — but what had once been understood and practiced by everyone on the planet was at that point confined to the forests of Finland. The small group of people who preserved those traditions, their linguistic system, and a complete history of the planet held fast to that knowledge. If there was any hope that the Bock Saga traditions might re-emerge to reestablish order in the rest of the world after 'Ice Time' that hope was never fulfilled. Greed and tyranny infected the collective mind, we lost our way, and the original teachings were ultimately corrupted by the baser elements of human nature. Outside of the land of Oden-ma, that quintessential body of wisdom was barely remembered or completely forgotten.


When the Romans sent their legions to conquer the Norse countries and bring them under the dominion of the Catholic Church, Finland, being the furthest north, was the last to fall. In 1050 AD, the 'Holy Empire' sent over 30 thousand mercenaries to invade Oden-ma and usurp the richest of all the heathen kings, the King of the Aser. Knowing that his capture would put something far more precious and sacred than his life at risk, the king fled to Kajaani and went into hiding. While the Romans inflicted massacre and devastation throughout the land, they never found the king, they failed to access the ancient oral traditions, and they never found the entrance to the legendary 'City of Gold'.

For the next 200 years, during the last days of the old kingdom, holy wars were fought all over Finland. Christian tyranny made it imperative that all knowledge of the Bock Saga traditions, traditions and customs that were hedonistic in nature and diametrically opposed to the precepts of the Roman church, be kept strictly secret. The vast cultural and kingly treasures that had been carefully preserved through the ages were hidden in underground facilities constructed expressly for that purpose. In 1248, when the last of the Aser kings abdicated his throne to the Swedes, his regalia was concealed in a lead box and buried deep in the well of the Kajaani courtyard. Fortunately the ancient Bock wisdom remained well protected, and the entrance to the 'City of Gold' was permanently sealed off.

Since that time, centuries of warfare, foreign conquest, and Catholic suppression made it impossible to openly practice or even discuss the old Saga traditions. Like so many other arcane Truths, the ancient secrets had to be hidden. Traces of them were reframed in the Norse myths as we know them now, but after a few generations the authentic mysteries were submerged and the mainstream population lost sight of them completely.


Oral traditions have a way of withstanding every attempt to erase the knowledge they contain. The chosen ones who were left with the obligation of keeping the Bock Saga alive did not fail in their duty. A small group of people, members of the Bockstrom and Rastrom families, secretly told and retold the story down through the generations, through the darkness of the Middle Ages and the Burning Times, all the way up to the 20th Century. When Finland declared its independence from Sweden in 1919, the carriers of this cultural world inheritance knew that it was time to begin preparing to bring it out into the open.

In the 1930's Adolph Hitler, who for some reason wanted to insure that the Bock wisdom never saw the light of day, had every single member of the bloodline murdered — only one of them escaped. It wasn't until 1984 that Ior Bock, the sole survivor and last member of the Bock lineage came forward to tell the tale. After centuries underground, the old Saga of the Finnish people finally returned to the public eye.


When Ior Bock took on the mission of introducing the family secret to the Association of Swedish Literature in Helsinki, he outlined the story and pointed the way to some archaeological discoveries that confirmed everything he had to say. He led researchers to the lead box that contained the Aser king's regalia. He also directed them to the base of Sibbo Mountain where the entrance to the 'City of Gold' had been sealed off more than 700 years before.

Between 1987 and 1990 preliminary excavations at that site involved blasting through 3 to 6 slabs of granite, each separated by multi-colored layers of clay. Members of Drunvalo Melchizedek's network were involved in that archaeological dig and they attested to the fact that the slabs of rock were 40 feet long, 20 feet wide, and 2 feet thick. Hidden behind these granite barriers they discovered a massive stone hallway, sloping down, deep into the mountain. Upon following it a short distance they came to a false door. The rock walls to the left and right of this facade were etched with Sacred Geometry symbols.


Before proceeding any further Ior Bock knew that it was important to decipher their meaning - so he contacted Drunvalo and sent representatives to the US to exchange information. After 5 days of conversation it became clear that the symbols were all based on the Flower of Life. What also became clear was that it was their sexual practices that made it possible for every member of the Bock bloodline to live for hundreds of years and through those practices that the root knowledge had been preserved from one generation to another.


At that point in the project Ior Bock was told by his higher guidance to stop everything and go to India. He spent close to a year and a half with an Indian master who prepared him for the next phase of his initiation by teaching him how to go into the Heart. When he returned from India, without offering any explanation, Ior announced that he could not allow the team of people who had been involved in the preliminary excavation work to continue to work with him.


What he didn't know was that a) the false door was hollow, and b) in his absence the team had broken through it. On the other side they found that the stone hallway continued in a sine wave signature for some distance and then turned into a right-spin spiral corridor that went 10-15 miles into the Earth. Lining the hall were arched doorways on both sides. Behind the first door they found a life-size golden statue of the last Aser king and a roomful of priceless artifacts. If one considers that the portion of the hallway that has been excavated to date is just the beginning of a large cave system that was carved into Sibbo Mountain before 'Ice Time', over 50 million years ago, it can be presumed that each successive chamber holds more relics and a statue of every Aser king, going all the way back through the lineage to Frey.


As more and more details about the Bock traditions and customs come to light a number of controversial issues get raised. The first is; this information presents us with a very different version of our history and out origins — one that contradicts everything we have been taught, not just in school, but also in church. If this information is allowed to surface everything we think we know will be challenged — and if the Truths it appears to contain are in fact real, it seems more than likely that all knowledge will be rendered obsolete. That may be one reason that the Finnish government has called a halt to any further excavation of the cave system.

The second issue is; the ancient sexual practices were by our definition hedonistic — to such a degree that from our modern perspective they appear to be perverse. (Interestingly, in the ancient language of the Aser the word 'normal' means 'perverse'!) What researchers have the biggest problem with is the idea that perfect order was maintained through incestuous coupling, (Ior Bock himself is the result of an incestuous relationship between his father and his older sister) autofellatio, or sperm drinking, same-sex sacraments, multiple partners, and group intercourse — behavior that we now consider to be deviant or depraved. But according to the Bock teachings these practices were not only an essential part of the spiritual life of the community, they were the key to the preservation of the original wisdom. No matter how we choose to view their sexual habits, and as far away as the 'old ways' were from the way we perceive things now, there may be something we can learn from them — because it was the inherent nature of these practices that made it possible to maintain peace, tranquility, and cultural growth for millions of years.


The heart of the Bock Saga teachings is its linguistic system or 'Rot' (pronounced 'root') language. Known as the Alphernas Beten, this ancient alphabet is a ring of 23 sounds, each of which has a very specific meaning. Every sound and the meaning associated with it vibrates in relation to every other sound and its meaning. It is a well-known fact that whenever two things vibrate in resonance with each other there is an exchange of energy between them. Once attuned, they go into alignment, and enter a state of superconductivity.

So it is with the Rot system — as these sounds circulate, endlessly, and in resonance with each other, the unfolding of interconnected meanings converge and overlap, inspiring non-linear thought processes that duplicate the cyclical patterns that we see everywhere in creation. When used correctly the human brain, and most likely the DNA, registers or hears the sounds of the ring alphabet and goes into vibratory resonance with the universal life force.

To understand this better it may help to recall that according to the Bock legend, the first members of the ancient lineage came into being at Oden-ma at a time when the Sun circled the horizon 24-hours a day. When Frey began producing sperm and his brain became receptive to the Seed knowledge, his consciousness existed in the exact center of a ring of light. Anyone who has studied the Flower of Life image knows that the center point of that pattern represents Spirit in the Great Void. The only thing Frey could do with 'The Word' that began to vibrate in the resonant cavity of his brain was to replicate him self and the patterns he was receiving from it. He did this by sharing that information with his 'twin' sister — so Freya became the second circle in the Flower of Life and between the two of them the Vesica Pisces was formed. The original male and female then became a vessel for the God force and by continuing to hear the sounds that echoed from it they came to know and embody the creation pattern of the universe. That creation pattern formed the basis for all the Bock teachings and practices and is the template for the procreation system that the ancients used to maintain order in the world.


Through the millions of years that the Alphernas Beten played a role in guiding the human race, the members of the Bock lineage who were chosen to transmit this information were required to listen to the Saga of sounds for many hours each day. At the age of 7 this process would begin, and for the next 20 years the designated ones would undergo what could be considered a form of initiation. Not until their 27th year were they presumed to be adept and responsible enough to exercise the inherited right to transmit the wisdom to the next person in line. If it is mind boggling to think that Frey's instructions were preserved in this manner ever since he heard the original sounds echoing in the Void, it may help to remind our selves that the Truth is always stranger than fiction.

(On the left: foto of Ior Bock,
the family lineage holder of the Bock Saga.)


At present, everything that has been written about the Bock Saga and the amazing story it tells appears to be limited to the internet. That information is cursory and too superficial to synthesize into a complete or accurate overview. To our knowledge there are no books that explore the deeper aspects of the teachings. The only printed material that even comes close to describing bits of the real story is J.R.R. Tolkien's Ring trilogy. Tolkien researched the Vainamoinen myths, and he had no doubt that they contained the Truth about our origins — but when he wrote his books he had to fictionalize whatever he did know because the whole Truth had never been revealed to him.

As so often happens with matters that are this controversial there is also a lot of disinformation out there. Anyone who decides to look into the Bock Saga needs to know this and use their discernment when they read about it. The letters and sounds of the Alphernas Beten have been published — but it is clear that one has to be specially trained, and most probably bloodline to work consciously with that information. The official Bock web site is www.bocksaga.com. What's posted there is just the tip of a huge iceberg, but it offers plenty of food for thought.


Whether or not the public will ever be privy to the real secrets remains to be seen. The Finnish government has taken over all the rights to Sibbo Mountain and everything connected to it — for obvious reasons. In addition to that, even though Ior Bock is still alive, his higher guidance has directed him to keep the story to him self from now on. According to the Bock timeline our planet is teetering on the threshold of another ice age. As the designated one, it is Ior alone who has the wisdom to create a realm of safety so that the ancient ways will be preserved through the cataclysm and the upcoming 'Ice Time'. With such a huge responsibility it is likely that all of his energy is being used to prepare himself for whatever that may involve.


For those of us who know about the Flower of Life and understand the importance of living in the Heart, the Bock Saga information strikes a powerful chord — in the sense that the old ones not only embodied the creation pattern within them selves, they were able to replicate it outwardly in the world around them. What they also understood was that it is through consciousness alone that we can change things. Could it be that Ior Bock is not the only one who knows what needs to happen now? Is it possible that some form of divine intervention has stepped in to inform those who are not part of the lineage about the creation pattern and the secrets of the Heart Chamber just in time to turn things around? It's pure speculation but if in thinking about these things and considering their meaning we become inspired to practice what we preach, we may discover that there is in fact, some Truth to that idea.

For more information:

The official Bock web site is www.bocksaga.com