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August, 2009

We are happy to present new articles, videos and messages for the new issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

Time for Action. More About 2012

By Stephen Thomson

Like so many of us Steve has 2012 on the brain. It's hard not to think about it these days and maybe that's a good thing because if the prophets know what they're talking about we have less time than we thought. Our current fascination with what it'll take to move through the End of Time has taken off like a rocket and everyone has their own perspective on it. This month Steve uses his thoughts about the Great Shift to remind us that underneath all the quaking and shaking our passage into the Fifth World is a totally spiritual affair.

A Spiritual Pandemic

A letter to humanity from the Star Elders, through Aluna Joy

In the wake of the Swine Flu outbreak the Star Elders instruct us to find the blessing in it. According to them, it's all part of Mother Earth's 'Stimulus Package', one that is designed to rouse all of us from our sleep. As the Great Shift approaches, our Elder Brothers have a lot to say about the need to shift the patterns in our own lives and embrace the call to move beyond our fear into a deeper understanding of the evolutionary changes that are impacting all of us now. Aluna Joy's channelings are always great; this is one of her best!

The Woman Who Healed Herself

By Phoenix Rising Star

When her doctor told her that a hysterectomy would be the best cure for her prolapsed uterus, Julia knew that there had to be another way to go. Her search for an alternative route led her to call her mother before she did anything else — that phone call led to the next thing and as you will see, Julia found her way one step at a time in a journey that was guided by her inner voice. It takes a tremendous amount of trust to heal yourself. Phoenix's account of one woman's experience will inspire you to trust the wisdom of the body and the voice that speaks to all of us from within.

The Lemurian Awakening

From John Nakagawa

That things are changing, we have no doubt, because according to the author, this ancient form of consciousness is reawakening inside all of us. John Nakagawa sent us his take on what the whole Lemurian thing is all about. The article is full of information about a movement that has taken off in the hearts of thousands of people all over the world.

The Earth is Turning into Swiss Cheese!

By Sarah Biermann

In Sarah's last article she explored the ways in which we are programmed to go along with the program. This month she looks at what happens when those patterns get broken up. Those of us who do not fit into the normal prescription for living act as systems busters who disturb the rigidity that is inherent in all of our core beliefs. As the existing patterns dissolve and reform into new patterns for living, we get into the Swiss Cheese state that Sarah has used as a metaphor for what's happening on the planet right now. Her August article talks about what happens when we cut through Earthly density and enter the realm of infinite possibilities.

Spiritual Dating, Part 2

By CC Treadway

Here we go again! You're gonna love this one! CC's insights invite us into her personal experience in a way that all of us can relate to. Evidently she's learned a few things about how to navigate the in's and out's of love in the New Paradigm. If you keep winding up with a different version of the same old thing, it's time to step out of your comfort zone and wake up to the patterns that make it impossible to call in Miss or Mister Right. CC goes beyond the simplistic, self-help approach into the deeper issue, which is always about us, and who we allow ourselves to be.

Viewpoints on what is Ascension?

By Lord Metatron, Mother Mary & Archangel Michael
Received by Carolyn Evers

We're all trying to decode the ascension mysteries. So much of what we find on the subject feels like somebody warmed up somebody else's esoteric leftovers, we were encouraged when we received the following channeling from Carolyn Evers. Credible sources are few and far between, but between Carolyn and three of our favorite Ascended Masters, these insights will give you a more informed perspective on a subject that we need to know more about.

Judgment and Michael Jackson

Notes on our journey into Unity Consciousness from Archangel Michael and Norma Gentile

To whatever extent we stand in judgment our hearts are not fully open. This is a hard pill to swallow, because most of us are well aware that we stand in judgment most of the time. Michael Jackson's passing prompted Norma to use his life as a vehicle to examine not only the ways in which we judge others, but to explore the gap that exists between who we really are and who we appear to be. Archangel Michael tells us that the death of one of our favorite super stars is an opportunity to feel the effects of what it means to hide behind our own private song and dance.

The Divine Plan is Unfolding, Step by Step

By Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

This lady always has good things to say. Her message this month gives a very clear overview of the eclipse patterns that have been shifting things around since early July. It is also an essay on the collective need to come together and dream up a new vision for the future. If we already know this, it's good to be reminded every now and then. Ms. Cota Robles' comments on the significance of Michael Jackson's passing coincide with what our friend Lynn Brewer has to say about and will ring a clear bell with many of you. Check out this piece; it'll definitely fire you up.

What is a Kurgan and Why Does it Matter?

By Carol Hiltner

About 2,500 years ago stone mounds, known as Kurgans, were built all over Central Asia. Ancient wisdom tells us that these piles of rock were originally constructed to balance the Earth's energies. With a high concentration of magnetite, it's easy to see why the Kurgans function as a power source, but there is much more to these inexplicable piles of dirt — and this is why the Altai Elders are on a mission to preserve the mounds that modern science and curious tourists have taken such an interest in. Channels for cosmic energy the Kurgans of Central Asia are an issue right now; one that Carol Hiltner is passionate about. Check out this piece. It's a good one.


Sent to us anonymously

Rumors of impending mandatory vaccines have been circulating of late. If the Swine Flu didn't raise a few questions, what we knew would turn into an even fishier state of affairs is already beginning to stink. The following message from one of our roving reporters arrived on our desk right before the deadline. We are including it to give you an opportunity to decide for yourself what's really going on here.

The Underground City of Derinkuyu

A slideshow presentation sent to us by Bill Corey

This mind blowing video is bound to stir up your cellular memories. When we watched it, it was like going inside the Flower of Life. No wonder the ancients were tuned in! And when it comes to sustainable living, these people had it all figured out. If you wonder what essential living looks like, click here to take a tour of the underground city of Derinkuyu.



Links and Videos

Conscious Media Showcase

The Spirit of Ma'at August 2009 Video Showcase

We have an interesting assortment of videos for you this month. Some of them are inspirational and others will offer you more of a reality check. All of them are interesting. Our thanks go out to Bill Corey, Cynthia Olivera, Ron Sirchie, and Mary Wright for passing these films along.



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Join us September 10th–19th as we travel to sacred sites around Northern Arizona and Hopi Mesa for Hopi Days — a rare opportunity to witness traditional dances and artisans from all 3 Mesas. Grandfather Eric is one of the last members and the historian of the BlueBird Clan of the Hopi. He will share his wisdom and knowledge as we visit Walnut Canyon, Navajo National Monument, Ute Reservation, Aztec Ruins, Chaco National Park, and Canyon de Chelly, just to name a few. This is a rare opportunity to spend time with a true elder and wisdom keeper. For information on this rare opportunity, please write Diane or Marce at solarheart2@aol.com. More information will be posted on the Spirit of Ma'at website soon. We will have a Spanish speaking guide with us for those of us who require translation.

More Information about the Journey

New video clip: Granduer of the Grand Canyon



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The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond by Cal Garrison

After a few delays in the editing process Cal Garrison's latest book, "The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond" is finally out. An astrological chronicle of the times we're in "The Astrology of 2012" frames transits and aspects up against myth and Indigenous prophecy in a way that puts a down to Earth, readable spin on a topic that could be considered the burning question of the day. Those of you who are wondering what the Great Shift of the Ages has to do with you will want to check out Cal's take on the subject; "The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond" is now available in the Ma'at Shop!

A Sound Healing

Be Still

August sound healing
From Norma Gentile

Silence and stillness are rare commodities these days. Let Norma's voice remind you where to find them. Tune into to this month's sound healing from Norma Gentile.

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

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