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 Nano Silver protects against colds, flu,

and hundreds of diseases

(even anthrax) by Drunvalo


As those of you who have been attending my lectures and workshops are aware, I have long been an advocate of ingesting colloidal silver — but only certain types.

We'll get to the "certain types" aspect further on, but the first question is why I would be interested in colloidal silver at all. And the answer is, for the same reasons that it was so widely ingested long before the advent of modern pharmaceuticals. In fact, colloidal silver has been around for hundreds of years as an antibiotic and antiviral substance.

Before penicillin, colloidal silver was a treatment of choice for many illnesses and infections, and there are vast amounts of medical and scientific research to support the widely-held belief that colloidal silver will cure about 650 different diseases. So when the new American drug laws were made, colloidal silver was "grandfathered" in as a treatment whose benefits and relative safety had stood the test of time.

The Problem

But there was a problem with using colloidal silver, and that is why I have advocated only certain types. For it was believed that if one took too much of it (enough to actually kill whatever disease was being targeted, in some cases) one could get heavy-metal silver poisoning, a condition known as argyria. The skin of the person who developed this condition would turn bluish gray, and eventually he or she would become sick for reasons beyond the original disease.

To overcome this problem, it was recognized long ago that the secret to making silver useful was to create a solution whose molecules were so tiny that they would simply pass through the cells and not become lodged in the liver and other organs. To reach this goal, science has continually been attempting to make the particles in colloidal silver smaller and smaller.

As a result, most of the forms of colloidal silver on the market today have a particle size of around .01 microns, yielding a solution of anywhere from 5 to 10 parts per million (PPM), and in one case, up to 25 PPM. But although the latter concentration is provably strong enough to kill many pathogens in the laboratory (even anthrax spores), it is still too weak, when taken into the human body in safe amounts, to be very effective against strong diseases.

A Partial "Solution"

Recently, a company named Innovative Natural Products (INP) developed a way to reduce the size of the cluster in colloidal silver to 0.001 microns — an order of magnitude smaller than previous technologies. This allowed the company to increase the potency of its product to 500 parts per million.

But even at 500 PPM, silver could not be delivered in adequate quantities to the human body. It was very useful, but its usefulness was severely limited. Five hundred PPM was not quite strong enough, and 0.001 microns was not quite small enough, to meet some of the more serious threats with which we are faced today (not to mention common flu and colds). Silver poisoning could still occur if one used the large amounts necessary to destroy the more virulent pathogens.

The New "Solution"

Finally, another company, Advanced Nano Technologies, has found a way to decrease the size of the silver cluster to such a degree that the silver in the colloidal solution is at the atomic level (or that of very, very small molecules). In this form, the silver goes beyond merely being colloidal into the area of modern science known as nanotechnology.

Upon discovering Nano Silver and trying it out myself, I became so excited about it that I began to let others know about it. Now, after much effort, we are able to offer it to our readers.

Unlike the old colloidal silvers, this new Nano Silver:

- is as clear as water (instead of being brown);

- can be kept in a clear bottle (instead of a brown bottle) because it cannot be harmed by light; and

- does not need to be shaken, because the silver particles are so awesomely small that they remain in permanent, perfect suspension.


Most importantly, the strength of Nano Silver is 2,000 parts per million. That's strong enough for the silver to really work.

And we can take as much of it as we need without worrying that any of it will become lodged in the liver. The silver particles are simply too small to get stuck in our glands and organs.

In fact, they are so small that Nano Silver acts like a gas in the blood system, killing bacterial pathogens and viruses without causing any harm whatsoever to our bodies.

Nano Silver is so small that it can even be absorbed directly through the skin — a method of delivery that holds incredible possibilities.

Use, Cost, and Guarantee

What has Nano Silver done for me and my family? Because of the restrictive nature of the health system in this country, I'm not legally allowed to say! Nor can we legally publish the many testimonials we have in our files from the doctor who introduced us to this amazing product . But we have very few offerings in the MaatShop, so perhaps the existence here of Nano Silver speaks for itself.

I can say that drinking small amounts of Nano Silver every day — up to one ounce (2 tablespoons) per day — may dramatically enhance your immune system. And if you wish you can also spray it on your skin, using a mister, over problem areas.

Our Nano Silver costs much less than the INP products. A four-oz. bottle of the 500-PPM silver can cost almost as much as our 16-oz. bottle at 2000 PPM, making the INP silver 16 times more expensive for the amount of silver you receive.

And although other companies and websites have gotten onto the nano-technology bandwagon, our price to you is deeply discounted. You can check this out, but other websites offering 2000-PPM silver are charging as much as $79.95 for 4 ounces, or $49.95 for 2 ounces. Our Nano Silver costs just $39.00 for a full 16-oz. bottle (and only $32.50 if you take advantage of our volume discount).

You have nothing to lose. This product is fully guaranteed. If you try one 16-oz. bottle of Nano Silver and for any reason are displeased, we will refund your $39.00 purchase price, no questions asked (for volume purchase refund terms.


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