The Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming

Those of you who have taken part in Drunvalo's workshops may be aware that the guided imagery exercises he uses are taken from the work his wife, Claudette Melchizedek, has been involved in for over twenty years. A remarkable healer and teacher in her own right, Claudette's practices come from what was once known as "The Blue School". Dating all the way back to Atlantis and the original, 'Merkavah Kabbalah', "The Blue School" teachings are the 'female way', or, the right-brain aspect of the MerKaBa traditions.

These mysteries incorporate ancient imagery practices which enable the initiate to explore and move around in the world of images that lies hidden behind his or her rational thought processes. As the Right Brain becomes more accustomed to the fact that the student is willing to include it as part of their total experience of themselves imagery work revives the imagination and enhances the creative process.

These 'Waking Dreams' also serve to focus the dreamer's awareness on what is happening to them at the subconscious level. The images that emerge from the recesses of the Female Brain reveal the actual state of Being, and the essence of the individual's issues and problems at any given time. Through the use of the imagination those blocks are released making it possible for the dreamer to operate and live directly from their own Source.

For approximately 13,000 years 'The Blue School' teachings were transmitted through lineage descent from one Kabbalist to another. In the early part of the 20th Century, while she was still a young girl, the line of descent passed to a woman named Colette Simhah Aboulker-Muscat. Informed by her family's ancient imagery practices and by her own creative spirit this heroic woman used her wisdom to heal countless people and help them awaken to a deeper experience of life. Up until her death in 2003 people traveled from around the world to sit in Colette's presence and receive her teachings.

Before she died Colette transmitted everything she knew to her foremost disciple, Catherine Schainberg. Left with the task of preserving "The Blue School" mysteries, Catherine founded 'The School of Images' in New York City and began to attract students of her own. Teaching a brand of Kabbalah that originates within the self and is accessible to anyone, of any background, who is willing to put dogma aside, Ms. Schainberg's mission is to reclaim the language of the imagination for creative, healing, and transformational purposes.

In 1981, with everything in her outer life enviably in place, Claudette Melchizedek found her way to 'The School of Images'. At that point her whole emphasis shifted and she became one of Catherine Schainberg's students. As Claudette puts it, "It became the only thing I wanted to do from that point on". Immersed in imagery work for more than two decades Claudette is one of the keepers of "The Blue School" mysteries - and it is no accident that after completing her discipleship, her path merged with Drunvalo's.

Now that the power of the female has returned to restore balance to everything on the planet Claudette's wisdom has emerged to transform and become an integral part of the work her husband is doing. It is fortunate for all of us that Drunvalo understands the importance of 'the female way' and that he and Claudette feel called to bring the feminine aspect of the MerKaBa teachings to our attention. At this point whatever we have learned from Drunvalo needs to be reinforced with a much different kind of wisdom, one that will allow us to heal ourselves from within by embracing the truth that emanates from our own source.

For those of you who wish to know more about imagery work The Spirit of Ma'at is proud to introduce Catherine Schainberg's book, "The Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming" to our product list. Written to keep Colette's work and "The Blue School" teachings alive, it is the only source of information on these ancient mysteries that is readily available to the public. No run-of-the-mill, hard to fathom, Kabbalah transcript, "The Kabbalah and the Power of Dreaming" will show you how to access the unique wisdom that lies deep within each one of us. What you find inside these pages will teach you what it means to navigate from your own Sacred Source and awaken you to the true power of dreaming.

Written by Cal Garrison


The Hidden Treasures of Dreaming: Article by Catherine Shainberg, PhD

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