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The Guardians of the Mists

By Manon Tromp

The Sacred Avalon Journey which was promoted in the Spirit of Maat, has come to pass. We are back home already after having done this amazing journey. For those of you who wondered how it all went, here is our story and we hope you will be inspired to one day also come to Avalon and experience the wonderful sacred places. But of course you are also welcome while reading our story, to just connect to Avalon from the heart and feel her wonderful energy.

The magical number of 13 travellers went to Avalon, including myself and my dear friend and helping spirit Catherine. They came from all over the world: Canada, USA, Mexico, Japan, France, The Netherlands and even Australia. When they introduced themselves, it turned out that some of them even had different cultural backgrounds. Daria was from Russia, but came to live in the US when she was 16; Amy was born in Zimbabwe, but had moved to the UK and was now living in France; Teresa was from Chli, but lived and worked in the US. Mary was from the US, but lived in Canada and our only man in the group Djien was Chinese born, but is living in the Netherlands. When we looked at this, we concluded that firstly all the five continents were represented and secondly that we are world citizens and that borders really do not exist.


The call of Avalon

What inspired them to come? That was the first question I asked when we had our first meeting in Glastonbury, in the wonderful meditation room of the Pilgrim's B&B. The Pilgrim's is a priest(ess) house, where many Priestess of Avalon come to stay when in Glastonbury. The energy there is wonderful and our hosts Clare and Brian are quite the spiritual wonders themselves. The answer to my question seemed different from everybody, but it came to one definite conclusion: they heard the call of Avalon and simply had to come. Most of them did not know yet why they were there, they hoped to get their answer during the journey. Most of us did feel that we knew each other and that it felt like old times being in each other's company.

This feeling remained during the rest of the journey and so the vibes were very positive and relaxed. That is something I know the energy of Avalon can do: she is like a mother's womb in which we feel safe and protected.


The Journey

Usually I keep a diary, but this time I did not, so writing this is bringing back the memories and guides me to tell you the story as it comes to me. Our first activity was to walk to the Tor: that magical natural hill with so many secrets kept inside her. The hill itself is considered to be female and the old tower which has been built on top of her, is the male connection. Under the hill is a crossroad of many different leylines, like the Michael line which connect's to other great power places in the world: in Peru, the Altai and Avebury. The other lines also connect to great places, like Compostela, Mount Fuji and Fatima. The Tor is considered to be a portal, a doorway of the world, the heart centre and womb all together.

Before walking up the Tor, we did a few rituals: we threw a stone at the bell of Wells to have our wish come true. Then we hugged and welcomed each other at the kissing gate before going up. As sisters and brother we climbed up the Tor - some of us ran up, others went in their own pace: it did not matter as long as we got there. The wind was blowing fiercely, which makes you get the sensation of being wiped clean of all worries and sentiments. Standing on top of the Tor, looking at the view around it: time and space were not there. Everything seemed to be in tune with the universe and all problems did not seem so important at that moment. We all felt it: all is good with the world.


The Eggstone Ritual

On the Tor there is a man made labyrinth, in the shape of the Crete Maze: it takes you four hours to walk to the center and four hours to walk out. This was not something we were doing that day, but we did walk to the the center of the labyrinth: the eggstone. It is on the side of the hill and you have to know where it is at, otherwise you will not find it. The eggstone is exactly that: a big stone shaped like an egg and according to legends it is the entrace to the fairy world. The fairy world is the underworld ruled by the fairy queen Morgan La Fay and it is there that she guards the cauldron of wisdom. Because of the slippery and steep way to the eggstone, not everyone of the group could get to the stone. The ones that did, meditated there and got in touch with the fairy world. Later we did another ritual with the whole group to enter the fairy world and I had some trouble getting them back, as the fairies can tempt you to stay and we all know what happens then.


The Shaman's workshop

I work with a beautiful and wise shaman, Jay Oakwood, who lives in Glastonbury and runs the Bridget Healing Center together with her husband Kestrel. Jay is very earthy and at the same time very spiritual: she sees everything but accepts no floaty nonsense. We were fortunate to have a workshop with her and she took us to magical little place: Compton Dundon. At an old church she introduced us to this magnificent big Yew Tree, the largest one in the area. It was quite impressive and I almost bowed to this tree: your majesty! Jay gave us some time to connect to the Yew Tree and when I held my head against it: I heard it whisper. Now the Yew Tree is considered to be the connection to the other world and the keeper of untold mysteries. If you spent time with a yew tree: be ready to taken back in time.

Before we knew it, time was up and as a group this experience had made us very humble and in awe. The energy was calm, but collected and we were ready to be taken to the next place: the Compton Dundon Hill Fort. This hill fort is from the Iron Age and holds a lot of magic: to get to it, you first go through a Lord of the Rings kind of forest. In this forest we did a small meditation, working with the trees and it was during the meditation that I got in contact with a wolf. What a splendid creature: first it looked kind of fierce, but then it layed on the ground like a dog and wanted to be patted. I felt like it welcomed us in the forest.

On the hill, we each went our separate ways and connected to the silence of this land. The shaman way is to connect to your inner self through the contact with nature: you only have to observe what is happening and not try to explain it rationally.


Stonehenge Sunrise Ceremony

Now although Glastonbury has much to offer, there was one item on the program that was to be the highlight: the Fall Equinox Sunrise Ceremony at Stonehenge. Normally visitors nowadays can not come near or inside the stone circle, but for the Celtic ceremonies there is an exception. The local druids and other pagan groups can come inside the stone circle and do their ceremony, which was very fortunate for our group and so off we went in a coach early in the morning (5 am). The sunrise was to be around 6.50 am, so by the time we arrived things were already on their way with about 200 people in the circle listening to druids giving talks.

I can not describe to you what it is like walking in the early foggy dawn, seeing these majestic stones and feeling their immense energy. I felt very fortunate and so did the rest of the group. It was cold, but we did not mind: we were in a place where time and space again did not matter. The feeling of connection with the other people there felt natural and so unconditional: this is as we were meant to be together from the start. If you expect a serious ceremony, then be disappointed, because it was chaotic, fun and even political. The druids held their speeches and there was one woman who spoke about the bones which were found in Stonehenge and taken away for research. She shouted and chanted: bring back the bones! We all chanted with her and wondered about the failure of respect not given to the dead.

Then the sun came up and it was beautiful: according to people, this was the first clear sunrise in 7 years, so how lucky we were to witness this. Drums playing, people thanking the sun for the energy it gives us and feeling once more part of this amazing universe. Our group got together in a circle and while holding hands we went back in time to when the rituals were done by the old druids. It was like being there on the spot. We finished by singing our song from the singer songwriter Kelliana and hugged:

There is no time but now
There is no place but here
In the sacred we do stand
In a circle hand in hand

We sang this song almost every day and I still sing it now to get back that connection with the group. We are the Guardians of the Mists and we invite you to step into your power.

More on this journey a next time! You can see the pictures on www.facebook.com/enlakech Our next 7 days journey will be at the Spring Equinox in March 2012. Check our website for the program and other journeys.

About Manon Tromp

Manon Tromp


Manon Tromp is a writer, singer and life coach who lives in the Netherlands. She is the author of the book: "The Magic of Avalon" and one of the founders of the first Goddess temple in the Netherlands. She organizes on a regular bases sacred journeys to Avalon.For more information: www.manontromp.com

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