Vol 2 Updates – Nov 11, 2001       

Infinity Breath
A Time of

from AA Michael, including
The Infinity Breath

channeled by
Ronna Herman

What follows is our message about the current times from the Archangel Michael, channeled by Ronna Herman pursuant to the events of 9-11, including his wonderful Infinity Breath Meditation.

Beloved masters,

Please take heed of what we say to you, for it is of vast importance.

You are in the midst of the changing times that have been prophesied for hundreds of years by various sages, messengers, and prophets. Oh, the prophesies are not playing out as they were foretold, but these are the End Times as you have known the world to be, and the way this transition takes place is up to the players of the game — which is you and all of humanity.

Many of you have faithfully stayed the course. And we have been working fervently behind the scenes, in every way possible under the law, to assist in making this transition one of ease and grace, rather than conflict, pain and chaos.

It is more important than ever that you stay in your CENTER OF POWER — projecting from your SOLAR POWER CENTER pure unconditional love. This center includes the throat, thymus, heart, and solar plexus and is the seat of your CREATOR ESSENCE.

LOVE IS POWER, for it carries the Essence of Creation, and all energies that are infused with this Essence are transmuted into a more refined or purer level of frequency patterns. It is this DIVINE ALCHEMY that will save humanity and your world: THE POWER OF LOVE, THE POWER OF RIGHT INTENT, THE POWER OF RIGHT ACTION.

Many who have suffered major losses of all they hold dear, and many of those who observed the cataclysmic events that jarred the reality of the world these past weeks, are beginning to turn inward for solace and answers. But there is still much resistance for anything that does not fit within the realm of what is accepted as the norm, or that which is comfortable because of past teachings, conditioning, and structured beliefs.

One of the major triggers for the emotion called fear is change, and regardless of whether or not the old ways or old philosophies have brought peace, abundance, and a loving environment, people tenaciously cling to their beliefs. It seems to take cataclysm or great trauma to jar most human beings out of their complacency, which often initiates the desire or gives them the courage to seek answers outside of their comfort zone reality — or from within, where the wisdom and power of Creator Truth lies.

Every soul on Earth, from the lowest vibration to the highest, has access to this hidden treasure chest which holds their Divine Birthright and all the wondrous gifts of Creation. This gift lies tucked away, deep within each soul's Essence of Being, and the key which opens the treasure chest is UNCONDITIONAL LOVE — love of self and love of all Creation.

It is most interesting to observe the mindset of those who are afraid to objectively investigate or seek to validate the seemingly radical thoughts that you, the spiritual Lightseekers, have proven beyond a doubt to be your truth. Multitudes think nothing of affirming as infallible truth the information that was brought forth and passed down over the last two thousand years by the sages, messengers and prophets, said to be given to them by angelic messengers, God/The Creator (by whatever name) or other lofty, unseen Beings. And yet they ridicule, judge as evil or as outlandish thinking, and reject the inspired, uplifting, life-changing plethora of information that has been available to humankind for the past few decades. Information that is being brought to humanity from the higher realms to lovingly assist all during these times of accelerated transition and evolution.

What is the difference? The answer is fear of shaking up the status quo, of the unknown, or anything radical that jars what they perceive to be their comfort zone of truth. Anything that asks them to take responsibility for their actions, and to accept as truth the fact that there is no God "up there" pulling strings, granting favors or passing judgment; the new teachings that shatter the superstitions and dogma of the past, and tell them that there are many spiritual paths to follow, but that, ultimately, these all lead to the same place: ONENESS and a UNIFIED CONSCIOUSNESS based on love and in harmony with the Divine Plane of our Father/Mother Creator.

That is why what we ask of you at this time is of such vast importance. We ask you to shine your LOVE/LIGHT more brightly than ever before. We ask you to take your LIGHT out from the closet where many of you have had it safely hidden so that you do not have to experience ridicule or criticism from your family and acquaintances, or seem "different." We ask you to take your LIGHT from beneath the basket of compliancy, and rev up the power so that its radiance shines forth for all to see — sweeping wide like the beam of a LIGHTHOUSE, filling the shadows and dangerous shoals with Light so that others may find their way through the obstacles and barriers of fear, hate, guilt, and bigotry.

We ask you to take stock of the world you have created — at what you claim as your reality. Millions of you have untold abundance, all that you think you desire. You have more possessions than you can ever use, and a surfeit of gadgets to supposedly make your life easier and make you "happy." Life is better, with more opportunities, for the majority of those who live in the countries of great wealth and power. But has it brought what you term as happiness or contentment?

Take stock of how your lives have changed since the industrial and technological revolutions: Inventions beyond imagining have been bestowed upon humanity (yes, they are gifts from the higher realms brought to you by inspired thinkers), whereby a great proportion of the Earth's population live in luxury and plenty. But most are more anxious, dissatisfied, and feel a discontent that no amount or manner of "things" can dispel. It is your Essence of Spirit that is crying out to be recognized and it will grow stronger until you all answer the call.

It is easier to blame your discontent and many symptoms of discomfort on those around you — your mother, father, spouse, children, friends, or superiors — than to place the blame where it belongs: on yourself and the inner nudgings of Spirit which you so vehemently deny. It is a sad fact, but you must face the truth: your anxieties, unhappiness and discontent will continue to magnify, no matter what you do to alleviate the feelings, until you face yourself — your inner demons — and acknowledge your Spirit Self which holds the key to all the wondrous things you seek.

Time as you know it is speeding up dramatically, and radical changes around the world are happening fast and furiously. No one and no nation is immune. Your world has grown smaller and you cannot ignore or deny the trauma, pain and suffering that is taking place around the world to your human family. Yes, it is your family — the human race — and you are all on this journey together into the unknown. What affects one, affects all. You can no longer isolate yourselves and your little world, affirming that all is well within your sphere of reality and that it doesn't matter what takes place in other parts of your country or across the oceans.

Beloveds, do not be influenced or manipulated by mass fear and hysteria. Stand firm in your truth and convictions. A truth that has been sorely achieved, through trial and error, and a long arduous journey through the valley of despair and illusion.

The wondrous news is that there is an extraordinary influx of Divine Light Particles from the highest Source, our Cosmic Father/Mother Creator, being showered down on the Earth and her inhabitants. It is available to those who are ready and willing to be loving receptacles capable of holding these rarefied frequencies of Love/Light. If you will agree to be a BEACON OF LIGHT, and join us in radiating unconditional love to ALL CREATION, we will assist you through the process of any residual energetic frequency clearing and cellular re-patterning, which in turn will greatly accelerate the dissolution of the membranes around your DNA, thereby accessing additional chromosomes, and a new level of consciousness and mastery.

Allow us to give you a visual awareness and a meditation which will help you to access this rare infusion of energy.

Infinity Breath Meditation

  1. First, affirm that you will use this gift for the highest good of all, and that your desire is to be of service and align your will with that of the Creator. Nothing will be asked of you that you cannot accomplish, my dear brave ones, and the rewards of championing the Creator's Cause will be showered down upon you first, and then radiated out to the world.

  2. Read these words until you understand the exercise and can visualize the process. Then, close your eyes, as you allow your angelic helpers or Higher Self to assist you, and the energetics of your breath and the frequencies of Light flow smoothly and powerfully through your body.

  3. Take a deep breath and center your consciousness in your Solar Power Center, which we will now refer to as your SPC. Envision, however you perceive, your SPC being filled with the Divine Light Particles of Creation.

  4. As you breathe deeply, feel the energy begin to build and travel up your back/spinal column. This energy permeates the Medulla Oblongata where the spinal column and the lowest part of your brain are connected, which contains nerve centers that control breathing and circulation, and which also connects to the Ascension Chakra. The energy of Light moves through the Ascension Chakra and out the back of your head in an arch about six inches above, as it sweeps down before your face and enters the SPC again. It continues its journey down the back/spinal column and out the root chakra in an arch, and then up the front of your body as it returns once again to the SPC, gaining more energy, Light and power with each breath.

  5. Continue the process of deep rhythmical breathing as you visualize this INFINITY SIGN of Light/Power arching further and further above your head and deeper down into the Earth, returning to your SPC with each rhythmic cycle. Continue the process as long as is comfortable, knowing that as you incorporate more of these precious Light Particles, it will magically accelerate the process of cleansing and clearing your physical vessel of any discordant energies and filling the vacancies with Creator Light substance. You will also be accessing more and more of the higher dimensional thought forms of new Creation, anchoring them in your physical reality and deep within the Earth as well.

Your beloved Earth will greatly benefit from the process as you share these wondrous gifts of Creation with her. And in turn, she will strengthen and harmonize her connection with you as, together, you go about your Father/Mother's business of creating Paradise on your home planet.

My beloved Warriors of Light, it is time to stand up and be counted. Once again, I ask you to answer the clarion call that is echoing throughout this universe. YOU ARE READY, just as you are, and you are needed, right there in the place where you live, at this moment and henceforth. You will be joining the ranks of the champions of peace and as leaders in the spiraling march toward Ascension.

Yes, these are critical times, but also times of great expectation and unlimited possibilities. Through us, their emissaries and messengers, allow our Divine Mother to soothe your fears with the serenity of her loving Essence, and allow our omnipotent Father to enfold you in his mighty force field of protection.

The Divine Mandate to us is to stay the course with you until victory is attained. The time will soon come when you have moved through the last residual energies of distortion and we will be reunited in a grand celebration.

Until then, we are only a loving thought away.

I AM Archangel Michael.

Channeled by Ronna Herman, STAR*Quest, 775-856-3654, 6005 Clear Creek Drive, Reno, NV 89502, email RonnaStar@earthlink.net, Ronna's website: RonnaStar.com. Reprinted by permission.