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May, 2009

We are happy to present new articles, videos and messages for May issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

The Aftermath of the Return of the Ancestors

By Phoenix Rising Star

Phoenix got involved with the preparations for The Ancestor's Gathering about four months before the Elders actually arrived. Her overview of what happened from beginning to end will give you a taste of what went into this event and what took place once it got rolling. There's no way to describe the energies that came out of the Four Corners ceremonies but Phoenix tuned into it, from the inside out, and her words capture the essence of an experience that was beyond words.

A Message From Don Alejandro

Forwarded to us by Aluna Joy

Don Alejandro, the President of the Mayan Council of Elders stopped in on one of Aluna Joy's groups while they were traveling in Guatemala. What follows is a transcript of the message he delivered to that group on March 17, 2009, one month prior to the Ancestor's Gathering. His words underscore thoughts that all of us need to keep in mind. The 2012 conversation, the disappearance of the money factor, and the Indigenous perspective on our ET brothers are all part of this talk — along with mention of the Fifth Sun. Those of you who have an interest in the upcoming Earth changes won't want to miss this important message.

Managing the Transition Energies

By Sarah Biermann and Osiris / Ahrazu

As we move closer to Zero Point our body/mind/heart circuits are getting rewired in ways that feel pretty mind blowing. Things are changing from moment to moment and this is no time to be clinging to anything that appears to be falling away. If you're wondering why all of a sudden life doesn't bear any resemblance to the way things used to be, Sarah's article and the words of Osiris Ahrzu will help you understand why there's no point in letting those thought forms interfere with our individual and collective unfoldment.

Thoughts about the Heart Space

By Julia Griffin

Going to the core of the most ancient part of our being takes time — but the desire to return to it, is what helps us transcend all the beliefs, problems, and considerations that keep us separate from the unity that lives there. All of us are being called to re-enter the heart. Shifting into that gear is so new to us, anything that sheds meaningful light on the subject is worth reading. Julia's May article talks to us about the subtleties of the heart space in a way that will deepen your understanding of the energies that might awaken once you get there.

EMOTIONS IN OUR WORLD — Coping with psychic connections to the unconscious emotions of humanity

By Norma Gentile (With a little help from Mary and Archangel Michael)

Unconscious pools of emotion, energies that have been created over many thousands of years are flowing out of the recesses of the collective mind, filling many of us with a sense of confusion. As our hearts begin to open to anything and everything it becomes difficult to know what belongs to us and what's coming from some outside source. If some of what we're feeling seems vaguely familiar, as much of it is disturbing. This influx of ancient memories has a purpose; Norma's article addresses the need to deal with the new spiritual and emotional energies that are here to recharge all of us right now.

The Prism Of Light And The Crystal City Of Light

By Jo Mooy

Jo Mooy was thinking of attending the Ancestor's gathering with a group of her friends from Sarasota — as the April date got closer all of them decided to remain in Florida and do their ceremony from afar. When Jo told me about this change of plan I asked her if she'd be interested in writing about it, and she was more than happy to oblige. What you are about to read describes what happened to Jo and her friends on the day they got together and honored the Ancestors — but it talks about much more than that. For a closer look at what can happen when ordinary people open their hearts, check out this article.

Meta-Physician: Heal Thyself! — How to Heal Our Ancestral Lineage

By Carol Hiltner

Ancestral memories flow through every aspect of our experience. All of us are filled with residues of anguish and trauma that restrict our self expression and stop the flow of Chi. What we don't remember, or have managed to totally suppress can run us from within until we find a way to transmute those memories into something else. Author of "The Altai Chronicles", Carol Hiltner has discovered a few things about the life force; according to her, healing the past goes a lot quicker when you know how to tap into the planetary Chi that runs through absolutely everything.

Links and Videos

SUBTERRANEAN SUBTERFUGE — Underground Bases in the U.S.

An article from the people at Project Camelot

About five years ago we had a conversation with a man who knows more about the Secret Government than the average bear. He needs to remain anonymous, but in a long interview he went into great detail about the network of underground bases and tunnels that have been built all over the United States. At the time, he talked about how one of the uses of the tunnels is to get our leaders from one side of the country to another in under three hours. None of us knew whether to believe him or not — but lo and behold, when this article arrived on our desk it verified everything he spoke of that afternoon. It pays to be informed. Hopefully this piece from Project Camelot will make you wonder what else they could possibly be doing down there.

Energy Inventions News Articles — Excerpts of Key Energy Inventions News Articles in Major Media

Sent to us by Bill Coleman

This link will take you to the Need to Know website (www.needtoknow.com) Those of you who want an update on what the mainstream has caught up with in the free energy department will want to check out this series of articles. Some of these inventions are up to speed and others are already obsolete, but this piece is of interest because it reveals the extent to which the general public is getting awakened to the possibility of greener solutions.


A YouTube presentation sent to us by Barry Kapp

About a year ago we posted the earliest rendition of the video you are about to see. The new version is beautifully presented and it speaks to the interconnectedness of all things. Our world is at a point where our disassociation from nature has brought us too close to ruin for anyone to deny the fact that we need to change our ways. Knowing which way to turn has everything to do with remembering that we are all one family. This video is only 9 minutes long, but it's sure to remind you of the oneness that connects us all.

The video at youtube

Emergency Broadcast — New World Order Ahead

A video presentation from David Icke

Our friend Cynthia sent us this link, along with a note which said, "My only wish is that the earth starts to rock and roll before this happens.... believe it or not.... it's important to be aware!" David Icke hammers the concept of the New World Order a little heavier than usual in this video. Regardless of how you feel about the King of Conspiracy theories, take time to watch this; it's a little over the top, and we wonder if it discounts the emergence of factors that other sources tell us aren't quite so grim. To tune in, click here:


The "New 911 Movie"

Sent to us by Bill Coleman

Many of you have seen the movie "In Plane Sight", the underground video documentary that exposed the secrets and lies behind the 911 disaster. What came to light right after the Twin Towers collapsed is nothing compared to the volume of evidence that's been exposed since then. There is no longer a shadow of a doubt that the bombing of the World Trade Center was an engineered disaster. If you're someone who still thinks it wasn't an inside job, the "New 911 Movie" will totally change your mind. To tune in, give yourself about 2 hours and click here:

The New 911 Movie


A YouTube alert sent to us by Bill Coleman

Bill sends us all kinds of controversial information. This particular film hit home because it seems to be one of a number of secret government projects that are going full bore right now. The recent swine flu outbreak offers proof that this hard to believe video just might be true. If you really want to connect the dots, be sure to cross reference it with Lenny Horowitz's report on the Mexican Flu outbreak.

The video at youtube

Mexican Flu Outbreak 2009

Special Report by Dr Leonard Horowitz

Evidently the same people who brought us the World Trade Center Disaster, Chem Trails, and various other deadly deeds have yet another trick up their sleeve. Population control is easy when you can pay people off to invent a virus and slip it into the mainstream when no one's looking. If the swine flu doesn't kill you, the vaccines they've concocted to cure it are bound to finish you off! Lenny Horowitz knows more about the secret machinations of the medical thugs than anyone on the planet — and he's pissed off about this one. Check out this video; it validates everything that was brought to light in our "Emergency — Avian Flu — FEMA Train Update". Our thanks go out to Lenny and to Bill Coleman for turning us on to this information.

The video at youtube

News and Announcements

For news about Drunvalo’s workshop and travel schedule please go to www.drunvalo.net. The Sedona event will be translated into Spanish. Registration forms for all of Drunvalo’s workshops can be found at www.drunvalo.net.



A Message from Drunvalo

This ceremony of the Mayan Council of Guatemala, representing the Mayan nation and joined by many other tribes from around the world, to be presented here in the Four Corner's area of Arizona is one of the most important ceremonies and gatherings of our time.


New in the Ma'at Shop

The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond by Cal Garrison

After a few delays in the editing process Cal Garrison's latest book, "The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond" is finally out. An astrological chronicle of the times we're in "The Astrology of 2012" frames transits and aspects up against myth and Indigenous prophecy in a way that puts a down to Earth, readable spin on a topic that could be considered the burning question of the day. Those of you who are wondering what the Great Shift of the Ages has to do with you will want to check out Cal's take on the subject; "The Astrology of 2012 and Beyond" is now available in the Ma'at Shop!

The Geobuster Device

The GEOBUSTER is a neat little device that eliminates all forms of Geopathic Stress. Those of you who have an interest in clearing your space, your land, your life and /or the planet will be interested in Colin Stabile's new invention. To read more about it, click on the link.

"BREAK THROUGH POWER — How Quantum Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World"

A new book by Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon. Those of you who wish to better inform yourselves about the history of alternative energy and its long overdue emergence from the weird science closet will love this groundbreaking new book.

Sculptured Star-Tetrahedrons

Beautifully crafted in bronze, these sculptures embody the Creation Pattern; their geometries etch wavelengths that move outward from the center, like ripples in a pool, imprinting those frequencies in the surroundings. Great for creating Sacred Space, the Star Tetrahedrons can be hung in any corner of the house, or even in the garden, to generate a field of protection and light that uplifts everything in the environment.

Elements for Life

Life Enhancing Products — a source for Foods, Elixirs, and Supplements that have been carefully researched and developed with sustainability and a deep care for the Earth and it's inhabitants.

A Sound Healing

A Sound Meditation for your Navel Chakra

Monthly Sound Healing
From Norma Gentile

Listen as Norma and her Hathor guide Atamira create a sound healing for the center of your body's energy system, the navel chakra. "The strongest way to use sound is not to say or state something, but to ask a question."
— Atamira, through Norma Gentile

See also Norma Gentile's CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

Sacred Culture

True Message from the "Heart of the World"

From Robert Dakota and Tara

This article came in at the last minute. Robert Dakota's video footage will give you a picture of the beautiful people and the spirit of a culture that have held our world in balance for 13,000 years. Their story and their message have been put into words by our friend, Tara. Don't miss this article and take it to heart; the Mamos' message is loud and clear.

See other fascinating videos at www.worldviewzmedia.net.

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