Nutrition and Spirituality

Nutrition and Spirituality

Story by: Agathi Christodoulidi

While Nutrition and Spirituality is a common subject of discussion in today’s world, there is still great confusion out there surrounding the integration of the two.

A few days ago I was invited to speak in front of a Norwegian class filled with children – our children – our future. While their questions were very intelligent and very insightful, what caught my attention were the questions about nutrition and dietary habits, specifically how spirituality is connected with our diet.

My answer was very simple; we just need to learn to listen to ourselves and to trust our body. Our life is not pre-written in a manual that we all need to follow point by point; our life is unique and can be adjusted at any moment. The more we get to know our true essence the more we get clarity and trust ourselves in all aspects of our lives, including our diet. The more we come to know our Inner Self the easier it becomes to give our body the energy it needs by consuming less food or changing our dietary plan.  It is also about trusting ourselves. And this act of trust relates to our level of consciousness.

During my life experience, I have noticed that my diet changes according to the balance and harmony within my emotional, mental and physical body. Little by little the desire for certain unhealthy kinds of food is leaving me. This change comes from being open to new information, reading informative books and through meditation.

Meditation is an essential part of awareness. As you become more aware of who you are you become more aware of what your body does or does not need. So the question I ask you today is: How good is your inner communication? Can you filter the right messages that you get from your body or are you the slave of desire and taste or your emotional and mental bodies?

My diet today is composed of vegetarian meals with no animal products. A lot of people ask me, “How can you do it?” “Isn’t it hard?” “Don’t you lack vitamins?” “Where do you get your protein?”

The truth is my body is much stronger than it used to be prior to changing my dietary habits. It is much more balanced, filled with vegetables and fruit. And me? I am filled with energy! For me, being a vegetarian is something very easy and simple.

There is a magnitude of information online regarding a vegetarian diet. Studies have shown that many foods we thought were necessary for our health is not only unnecessary but might even damage our system. There are a number of documentaries available where the information is also supported by scientific research discussing the dietary myths that have ruled our lives. Some of these documentaries are Forks Over Knives, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and Hungry for Change. These films uncover some interesting perspectives of the way we feed ourselves and the way we treat our bodies.  There are also a number of documentaries about the potential problems that can occur with the consumption of animal products and processed foods. They reveal what has been sacrificed for many years on the altar of profit by detailing the way those animal products end up on our table and how animals are treated in the farming factories of the world.

We have the power to affect change by being informed and being open and accepting of new information. I recommend that you study the available information and pursue the topics that resonate with you.  Also listen to your body.  How does it feel after you consume a glass of milk or after a meal that contains animal products? How easy is it to digest what you have eaten? Think about how your food arrives to your plate.  What were the processing methods? Asking these simple questions can make us more conscious about what we eat and how our food affects our health and our mental, emotional and spiritual states.

The concept of eating is something simple yet complicated. It is simple because our body does not need complex food or a combination of many different types of ingredients in order to survive and be in good health. Yet there is a complexity because today ingesting food has also become a way to socialize and to satisfy emotional imbalances. It can also be used to satisfy the belief patterns that were passed down to us by society and our parents.


I offer this as something to think about…. Just food for thought.


December 2014,

Agathi Christodoulidi

Agathi Christodoulidi

Having a strong social background as a former Lawyer and Legal Advisor and a strong spiritual background as a Teacher in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of Re-membering and as an Ambassador of Peace and Diplomat of Love in Jasmuheen’s Embassy of Peace, Agathi is building a strong confidence and spiritual connections in people around. Agathi is practicing powerful and effective spiritual techniques like spiritual counselling, meditation sessions, workshops and relationship healing sessions. As a co-founder of the School of the Heart, Agathi is dedicated in helping people all over the world to remem-ber who they really are. Her uniqueness comes from the fact that she understands the business world, the spiritual world and as a mother she understands the relationships between children and families. In the last couple of years Agathi became also a well-known nutritionist and diet specialist. Invited to speak to conferences and spiritual meetings, Agathi shares all over the world her knowledge regarding the importance of eating healthy and balance the mental, emotional and physical bodies. Her counselling is invaluable and brings clarity, har-mony and peace in the heart of all people.