Ascension Business

Ascension Business

Story by: Phoenix Rising Star

Ascension: To raise up in consciousness, to raise up in vibration

How do we know when we’re there?

Is it really an immediate state or is it a path?

How do we recognize individuals and businesses that are part of the ascension process?

The following is at least a partial list of what I consider recognizable attributes of individuals and businesses on the path of ascension.

*Acting with integrity within self and with others, and with their products and services.  Many times this is referred to as ‘alignment’ or ‘honesty’ or ‘purity’ or ‘incorruptibility’.

*Working in alignment with the heart’s desires and soul’s purpose.  Feeling good about what is being offered.

*Offering products and/or services that help individuals and the planet.  ‘Do no harm.’

*Affordable products and/or services and sometimes even free offerings.  ‘All-inclusive.’

*Attracting appropriate soul clusters who embrace the same soul path and ideals.

*Operating from a state of higher mind, higher consciousness, or higher self, and thus all decisions and actions reflect this.

*Embodying an understanding of the interconnectedness of all life and reflecting this in the products and/or services.

Two individuals and their products and services immediately come to my mind and reflect this ascension process in what they offer.  (Please note:  this is not a definitive list.  These are great examples of the many individuals also on his/her paths.)

The first is Clayton Nolte of Natural Action Technologies.  The second is Tom Kenyon, sound healer.

Clayton Nolte: scientist, researcher, inventor

When I first met Clayton almost four years ago, he was peddling water units out of the back of his car.

Not just any water unit.


Units that re-structure water back to its natural unaltered state.

Balanced ph. Non polluted.

Units that surround and shield harmful elements.

Preventing these elements from being absorbed into the body or the environment.  Elements such as chlorine, arsenic, fluoride.  Pollution of all kinds, including EMF’s.

Units with energetic properties that promote self healing and increase the immune system.

See Spirit of Maat, June 2009, Structured Water:  The 10 pointed star in Sacred Geometry for more information on structured water and structured water units.)

Now, almost four years later, Clayton has created a product line, has a home based business, several employees, and is determined to heal water and get it into the hands of every family on the planet.

When asked what factors led to his expansion of his business, Clayton credited several things:

*loving what he does, which is offering a product to help heal people and the planet in a cost effective manner that gives back to the environment.

*attracting passionate and supportive people whose heart’s desires are in alignment with his.

*offering products and services that utilize and promote the interconnectedness of all life in a sustainable fashion.

Clayton’s background includes working for the government in various projects. Exploring and discovering different dimensions and realities. Early on, he studied Viktor Schauberger, the father of Bio-technology. Viktor studied nature and created applications that were simple and harmonious with nature.  Clayton modeled his water units after his inspiration from Viktor’s insights and awareness of water.

When asked about his product line and new research connected to his water units, Clayton had much to share.

He spoke about strawberries grown in California, now growing year round.  Not needing a rest or a seasonal time out, these strawberries are larger, sweeter, and the plants produce more with the use of structured water. Since the level of energy is high, there is no disease. They require less fertilizer, fewer pesticides, and actually less water!  A decrease of up to 30-40%!  All this adds up to more yield with fewer costs. A farmer’s dream!

He mentioned the organic raw dairy farm in Chandler, AZ where the challenge is to prevent bacteria and molds from developing.  The dairy farm had the great idea to structure the milk after it came out of the cow. This helped increase the shelf life of the milk while reducing bacteria and mold.  They then had an even greater idea to give structured water to the cow!  And discovered superior results in the quality and quantity of milk and butterfat, decrease in bacteria and mold, disappearance of staphylococcus, and decrease in the need for any additional resources to maintain their high standards of integrity in their raw products.

Clayton mentioned that structured water is really a grounding unit.  People have noticed when they utilize structured water, they have happier families, less stress, and less discordant energy within.  And that happiness spreads out at least a thousand feet with each unit.  So part of the energy that these kind of technologies can bring to humanity is to be harmonious.

Structuring any liquid with the Natural Action Technologies unit, makes it healthy. It doesn’t matter what the liquid is:  alcohol, milk, anything.  This technology helps to bring liquid into alignment with the high quality of food we all deserve.  Structured water changes our environment.  For the better.

Clayton’s new line of Dynamically Enhanced units came about because people complained that if they could still smell chlorine after using a unit, they assumed they were also tasting it. (Since the unit surrounds and shields chlorine, preventing it from being absorbed into the water, it was really a moot point.) He also was aware that many pathogens, parasites, and bacteria are present in our water sources, as well as the EMF’s in our environment.. His intention is to create a perfectly balanced energy field with high enough energy to prevent these problems and aggressively work, specifically with chlorine, parasites, bacteria, EMF’s, etc.

These Dynamically Enhanced units are perfect for places where there are more people, greater contamination and pollution.

The original units still sell well and people are still happy with them.  But the Dynamically Enhanced units are intended to offset the potential of what is coming.

Using GDV or Gas Discharge Visualization technology, and comparing the original unit with the Dynamically Enhanced unit. one glass of water from the original unit can increase personal energy by 20%.  Sometimes this increase lasts and sometimes it doesn’t.  Dynamically Enhanced water will raise the energy level and instantly bring back the emotional field back into alignment, no matter what the influence is.

Products that work.

Products that are affordable.

Units that are small enough to travel with.
90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Life Time Warranty.

Nothing to change or replace within the unit.

They work with nature, not against it.

Helping the ascension process of people and the planet.

Check out their products and free information at

Tom Kenyon: sound healer, psychotherapist, teacher, scientist, musician…..

Offering so much of his website for free, and much more for an affordable energy exchange.

His purpose is to heal the planet and raise the level of awareness and interconnectedness of all life to new consciousness levels.

His latest workshop, The Art of Seeding New Realities, in November 2012, was a unique experience to him and all participants, in that the Hathors, higher dimensional beings he connects with and channels, were presenting information that up to now had never been shared.

The feminine way of manifesting through the sacred geometry of the sphere.

Personally, I have never experienced a facilitator handle more than five hundred people so easily and effortlessly.

I was astounded to experience all five hundred plus of us get on one page in the first hour. By that I mean we were all in agreement of what was going to happen, having common goals and how it would manifest.  I.E.  we were here to bring about the interconnectedness of all life and positive outcomes for the planet.

No fuss. No drama. This is just how it is.

Tom taught us within the first hour how to create good boundaries around us.  He gave us permission to not apologize for having good boundaries.  He explained how helpful it was to process when we needed to, and not allow someone else to turn our experience into his/her experience. We are each here to have our own experience.  He used the example of putting up our hands, palms facing outward as our code for “I don’t want to speak just now”.   And if someone really didn’t understand that, just use our middle finger. That works well too.

I understood what he was helping us create, and what he was creating for himself.

He is not a guru. He doesn’t intend to be anyone’s guru.  He made sure he wasn’t going to be anyone’s personal psychotherapist either.  He achieved much through silence.  Asking us for silence when we were in the room.  Silence after his music channeling.  Silence before he left the room.  Insulating himself and providing a safe haven for channeling, and also a retreat from crowds wanting to share their stories with him.  A perfect boundary and a perfect example for all of us. Quickly and efficiently creating an energy space through which he could impart the most information, create the best healings, and move on without distraction.  I was in awe that five hundred plus people could be so consistently quiet.

The information provided through the workshop was a simple to follow format where he gave a short explanation with personal examples, followed by sound healing to facilitate the goal.

These were unbelievably simple to follow directions with profound results.

The format moved along well, and consistently, allowing each to have his/her appropriate experience.

It was less intellectual and more feeling, which opened my heart, healed my heart, changed ancient mental belief systems I didn’t even know I had, and helped me to step into my soul’s mission of planetary healing to an even greater degree.

Tom’s website is filled with information he freely gives to help the planet. To help all life everywhere.

His staff is loving and kind.

His culminating World Meditation on Sunday, Nov. 4 was joined by people all over the world and by life all around our solar system.  He gave directions on his website so people could join in.  I’m sure he also had meditation directions for life in the other realms and dimensions, as they all seemed to be represented.

Before we did this last meditation, the five hundred plus gave him a standing ovation.

I could see he was touched as he said somberly, “You people are the lights of this world. You give me hope for the future.”

During that last World Healing Meditation, I felt so much love pouring through his voice!

So much love for this planet, for all life everywhere, plus a longing to help heal.

It was truly a magical weekend!



Affordable products and services to help heal the planet.

Higher consciousness.


I thank you, Tom, Judy, and your staff for your part in the ascension process.

For more information and tons of enlightenment, see

Respectfully yours,

Phoenix Rising Star

Phoenix Rising Star