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Aguas Sagradas

With Norma Gentile and cellist, David Darling

Sacred Waters
flowing beneath the Earth
Waves within the Three Rivers
carry all Beings Home
to their Sacred Waters.

A spontaneous song we created together during a recent concert "Evensongs for the Soul".

Musicians allow Spirit to flow through them and form notes, melodies, and even songs. Just as a river cannot flow and be a river without water, I find that I cannot be a vessel for music without Spirit. For myself it is a process of letting the inaudible and subtle impulses of Spirit touch me and take the form of audible songs. I seldom know what I am going to sing until I hear it echo in the room, and come back to me.

What a delight it is when I find another musician who is also a vessel for music! This song is from a concert of primarily improvised songs and music co-created with Spirit by David Darling (cello) and myself (voice).

I refer to my process of interpreting the energies of Spirit into music as singing songs from Spirit, because the music reflects the motion of Spirit through me and then out into the world of physical form. As Spirit passes through me, my body translates it into notes. While David may phrase it differently (more from him in next month's sound healing) the basic belief we share is that music is a birthright. We are all human, we are all divinely gifted as creators, and we are all meant to create.

This month's sound healing was created jointly with David. There was a deep silence in the sanctuary, and from that silence a song started moving first through David (you can hear him begin the harmonic sequence on the cello) and then I found myself singing a melody upon his gentle playing.

The words, primarily in Spanish, I attribute to the location; The Church of the Holy Trinity in Toronto, Canada. It is here that the rivers, and the people of the First Nations met in sacredness. May these waters, now flowing beneath the earth, continue to bless the many people who continue to live and gather there.

This sacred space is also a major focal point for the northern edge of the Water Vortex which encompasses that end of Lake Ontario from Toronto down into New York State.

My special thanks to Barbara Susan Booth of Sacred Wisdom Center (Guelph, Ontario, Canada) for arranging the collaborative concerts between David Darling and myself, "Evensongs for the Soul" from which this song was excerpted.

David Darling is best known for his 2009 Grammy winning album, Prayer for Compassion. (www.cdbaby.com/cd/darling2) Despite being a classically trained cellist, he has a deep passion for invoking musical expression, joy and laughter from all who surround him. Check out his website (www.daviddarling.com) for more information about his improvisational music workshops and his foundation, Music for People. (www.musicforpeople.org) As a cellist, composer, improviser and singer he has recorded albums that range from jazz to New Age with side trips to many different musical cultures.

Aguas Sagradas

Norma Gentile voice, and David Darling, cello.

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Ancient Energies Arise By Norma Gentile

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Norma Gentile, sound shaman, is a natural intuitive and channel for Mary, Archangel Michael and the Hathors. She maintains a private healing practice, offering sessions in English and Spanish, as well as singing healing concerts and teaching workshops. Her CD of live sound healings, Songs of Spirit, is available in the Maat Shop. To see and hear her sound healings, articles and podcasts at her website www.healingchants.com.

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