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The Essence of Beauty

By Heather Fraser

I've been living off the essence of beauty lately.

If there is something else beyond this vibration, beyond this holy place inside myself, then I am not quite ready to go there yet.

I am in love with life, and I simply cannot imagine any other feeling.

As I sat contemplating how I could possibly write about beauty yet again this month in a way that I haven't already done before, (because that's all I can write about these days) I began to notice how the lush, full, leafy treetops that I can see for miles from my balcony, were swaying and dancing in unison in the breeze. It was utterly mesmerizing and filled me with such a peaceful, slow motion kind of euphoria that no recreational drug could ever mimic.

Beauty is definitely my drug of choice.

For me, it feels like the highest expression in existence of God. And it is an expression, a revealing of what lays at the back of all life.

If we could allow ourselves to slow down, to be more present, more mindful, more open, we would view our life, our world, our very Being as this beauty, this expression of the divine intelligence that permeates and surrounds us all.

We do not create beauty. We reveal it. Beauty is simply part of the Universe. It infuses everything and supports life. It is our role as a humanity to reveal this beauty, fill our lives with it, and express this beauty already inside of us. Not even the most gifted artists, musicians, writers, or sculptors create beauty. None of us can claim that position. All we can do is accept that beauty is an essence, a stream of love that we have tapped into out of our inner devotion (conscious or unconscious) to a higher presence, to some great mystery that feels a lot like bliss, passion, vitality, and aliveness. All we can do as artists of life is surrender to it, honour it, express it, and reveal it in whatever way brings us joy.

This simple change in perception from seeing beauty as only form, (a thing of beauty) to seeing it as an expression of God in form, makes all the difference in the world when it comes to how we choose to see ourselves, others, and our world.

If you are not feeling this way about yourself, others, or your life, it's because you are focussing on the turbulence in your mind, the drama, the fear, the attachments, the anger, the duality, the separation, the illusion of the 3D world.

Without the lens of the 3D world drama, when we choose to trust beauty, let go, and stop trying to control everything, we begin to see life as it really is.

Life is beautiful. Period.

And it is so because it's the expression of a benevolent consciousness.

There is so much information out there about the end of times and the shift of the ages. I've read some of it, been overwhelmed by most of it, and have come to realize that in my own little life and in my own little way, noticing beauty, looking for it in every moment, and revealing it through my words and actions and thoughts, has been my medicine for traversing and transforming and transmuting the darkness of duality, into the glory of a unity consciousness — the world we are all headed for one way or another — either kicking and screaming in fear- or peacefully walking into it, infused with the essence of beauty and wonder.

Perhaps all that's really going to happen is that we are finally going to realize that we are the light of the world, that united in beauty and truth we stand — divided in fear and enslavement we fall — as individual minds and a collective mind — and whatever choice we make, we get to live it. I think we're going to realize pretty soon, that what all the prophesies are trying to tell us, is that developing a beautiful mind is going to be our only salvation.

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About Heather Fraser

About Heather: Heather Fraser has given up all professional titles, labels, definitions, and any illusions of specialness of who she thinks she is. She now lives in a state of what she likes to call The Beauty of Being, where she is transforming and empowering lives through the art and practice of simply being one with life.

You can contact Heather through her website at www.sacredscribe.com