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Spirit of Ma'at Video Showcase

Great consciousness raising films that are bound to interest all of you! Take your pick — they are full of information that will open your eyes, your mind, and/or your heart.



From YouTube - sent to us by Bill Corey

This video is an hour-long. It is filled with information that many of us are already familiar with. An overview of the full implications of the New World Order agenda, 'The Calling' puts it all in a nutshell that makes things totally clear. According to Bill:

"I kid you not ... only 1 hour long and yet sums up about everything you need to know about what is going on as simply and directly as I have ever seen: absolutely must watch and distribute :)"


Video at Kewego

The following three films were sent to us by our good friend Ron Sirchie: Thank you Ron!



From YouTube

"One of the most amazing internet films of the year and possibly the decade; first time ever color images of the Moon. Talk about a huge consciousness shift"


Video at YouTube (In 9 parts)


Project Camelot Interviews Gabriele Stahler on Vitamin D3

From YouTube

According to Ron, "Excellent info". We are sure that you will agree! Gabriele Stahler tells us about the benefits of sunlight and Vitamin D3. Evidently they make it easier to navigate changing times; very interesting information.


Video at YouTube


Orgasm During Child Birth

Nassim Haramein and Amber

From YouTube

We've already heard about orgasmic birth. Those of you who are skeptical about the reality of ecstasy in the birthing room will be intrigued by this short documentary that includes Dr. Nassim Haramein and his partner Amber's comments on their experience of her labor and delivery.

For those of you who would like to learn more about orgasmic birth go to: www.orgasmicbirth.com or check out the video that was posted in the June 2008 edition of the Spirit of Ma'at.


Video at YouTube


All We See is But a Dream Within a Dream

From YouTube

This is a short clip that will remind you where you stop and everything else begins!


Video at YouTube


Nassim Haramein On Synchronicity

From YouTube

In a little over two minutes Nassim Haramein diagnoses the mechanics of synchronicity. Those of you who can't figure out why everything you think about comes into manifestation but are totally in tune with the notion that this is how life works will love the way Dr. Haramein explains one of the fundamental laws of the universe.


Video at YouTube


How Trillions of Dollars were Stolen from U.S. Taxpayers

A YouTube presentation from Dr. Mercola

Our love affair with Barack Obama has made it difficult to see that he too is beholden to the reptilian oligarchy. This 2-hour video includes commentary on the Global Warming hoax, raises questions about the purpose of the New World Order, and begs the viewer to be more discerning about issues that affect us all.


'Fall of the Republic' - full movie at YouTube

How Trillions of Dollars were Stolen from U.S. Taxpayers


The Reality As You Know It Does Not Exist

From YouTube

Forwarded to us by Maribel Todd the following video presents a medley of wise and well informed people talking about the one reality and our perceptions of it. According to them, reality as we know it does not exist! Amen to that! Invest ten minutes of your time and it'll buy you some pretty interesting information from some of the world's great thinkers.


Video at YouTube



"The Fifth Estate - 911 The Unofficial Story" - from DProgram.net

I guess we haven't had enough! This one's from Bill Corey; even if you've seen all the 911 documentaries, "The Fifth Estate - 911 The Unofficial Story" has something to it that's a little different. For what it's worth, we like the idea that the subject hasn't been forgotten - and that the truth is about to emerge. This is a five part series:


Video at DProgram.net


Now That We're On The Subject

If you're still in the dark about what makes it so easy to fool the sleeping masses check out this video from CNN; after you've taken it in, click on the second link for more information on the reality of detention camps in the U.S. Between the two clips you will be able to see what's going on and draw your own conclusions as to what the truth might be.


Watch the video expose and read the full press release at:

Video at YouTube


From the April 2009 edition of The Spirit of Ma'at; Detention Camps in the U.S.


A big thank you to all the contributors!