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Conscious Media Showcase

Spirit of Ma'at Showcase

We hope you enjoy this month's selection of movies and video clips. There's something for everyone so check it all out or take your time and take your pick!


ERIN BROCKOVICH - Mysterious Illness Affecting New York Teens

This is a weird one; we're including it because someone out there may know what's going on here.



ALEX JONES - Nightly News - 1/25/12

From PrisonPlanet.com

Alex Jones; he's totally over the top but you gotta love him. This one's for those of you who don't mind a little ranting and raving, and who enjoy tuning in to the hard edge of the news.

prisonplanet.tv 50+ Minutes


I'M AWAKE (The Movie)

A Fantastic collaboration of YouTubers from around the world; we thought you would enjoy this mélange of people pronouncing their 'Awake-ness' on videotape. It's an interesting blend of perspectives that will get you thinking about what it really means to be 'Awake'.

Video at YouTube 1 Hour 18+ Minutes



From YouTube

Check this out - it says it all.

"Under Occupation: 9/11 Reality is an educational documentary that investigates the collapse of the Twin Towers and WTC 7 on September 11th, 2001. This film features 9/11 victims' family members, survivors, firefighters, police, first responders, architects, engineers, scientists, demolition experts and many others who have all courageously spoken out, revealing the reality that there were bombs in the Twin Towers and WTC7 and that they were brought down in a controlled demolition."

Video at YouTube 2+ Hours


INSPIRATIONAL CLIPS - Sounds and Images to stir your Soul

From YouTube and our good friend Volkmar

These clips are bound to make you feel good. We enjoyed them almost as much as the cat, who sat on our lap and purred through each one. Give yourself a few minutes to be inspired by the power of love. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vubfbLg8mmk

Video at YouTube

Video at YouTube



From Jeff Rense and YouTube

We don't know what's going on with this; all we know is; it's going on all over the place.

Video at YouTube 15 Minutes


More 'Strange Sounds from Around the World'

Sent to us by our good friend Volkmar

Google Translation from www.sternenkraft.at


THE LATEST FROM DAVID WILCOCK: Financial tyranny - the greatest cover-up of all time

From the Divine Cosmos Website

Here you will find a detailed report on the world financial situation. If you're interested in what's going on with the banks, or have any questions about, "Where the money went?" you definitely need to take the time to read this article in its entirety.



THE NUMMO AND THE DOGON - an audio interview with Shannon Dorey

From Sweden's 'Red Ice Radio'

Ms. Dorey is a graduate of Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario where she studied English, History and mythology. Her interests were expanded into religious studies after studying the New Testament at the University of Windsor in 1991. She began her writing career as a journalist and still continues writing articles for various online publications. She is here to discuss her second book, The Nummo. The Dogon talked about alien beings known as Nummo who came to Earth from another star system. These fish and serpent like beings were hermaphrodites who spent more time in water than on land. Shannon presents examples of how these amphibious aliens appeared all over the ancient world and makes connection with mitochondrial Eve, Mary Magdalene, Masonic symbolism and more. She reveals how the Dogon religion is the core religion from which other religions including Judaism and Christianity have evolved. We'll discuss the Nummo's voyage to Earth, their knowledge of genetic engineering, Dogon mythology and their intention with humanity.

www.redicecreations.com 1 Hour


THE WEST AFRICAN DOGON - 'Tracking the Pale Fox - 1931 - 1983' - (French with English sub-titles)

This is an interesting documentary for anyone who wants to know a little bit more about the Dogon, their traditions, and their origins.

Video at YouTube 48 Minutes



From YouTube and our good friend Bill

Two links, for those of you who like to keep up with Mr. Braden.

Video at YouTube

Video at YouTube


BRUCE LIPTON - the New Biology - Where Mind and Matter Meet

From YouTube

At the point in the yearly cycle where our visions are about to etch their patterns into the fabric of our lives, a little time with Bruce Lipton will help all of us get on top of the idea that we create our own reality.

"Recent advances in cellular science are heralding an important evolutionary turning point. For almost fifty years we have held the illusion that our health and fate were preprogrammed in our genes, a concept referred to as genetic determinacy. Though mass consciousness is currently imbued with the belief that the character of one's life is genetically predetermined, a radically new understanding is unfolding at the leading edge of science. Cellular biologists now recognize that the environment, the external universe and our internal physiology, and more importantly, our perception of the environment, directly controls the activity of our genes. This video will broadly review the molecular mechanisms by which environmental awareness interfaces genetic regulation and guides organismal evolution."

Video at YouTube 1 Hour 4 Minutes


THE DISCLOSURE PROJECT - with Stephen Greer; full length movie

Sent to us by our good friend Clay

A large number of ex high ranking officials including air traffic controllers, ex secret op. officers, commercial pilots, numerous military defense specialists with top secret clearance, people who had access to very sensitive documents; lieutenants, ex commanders in the U.S. air force, astronauts, etc, all going before the national press club to discuss what their experiences have been regarding UFO's, and all willing to go before congress to testify under oath; never before has such a group come forward. This is a must see; it is long, extremely informative, and enlightening.

Video at YouTube 1 Hour 55 Minutes



From the SciFi Channel

This is totally main stream but it covers the subject well enough to be of interest to anyone who enjoys watching the way the media handles controversial topics.

Video at YouTube


2012: YEAR OF POWER - With Lee Harris

From YouTube and our good friend Volkmar

Video at YouTube 22+ Minutes



From YouTube and our good friend Cynthia

Check this one out; the Princess has a lot of interesting things to say.

Video at YouTube 10+ Minutes



Alex Jones interviews Reverend Kevin Annett - 12/13/11

Hard edged stuff; if you're OK with the uglier side of the truth, you will not want to miss the latest interview with Kevin Annett and Alex Jones talking about the systematic extermination of thousands of First Nation people in Canada.

Video at YouTube 24+ Minutes



From Jeff Rense and YouTube

This is an interesting article that includes a 6+ minute video that talks about recent discoveries at the Cahokia Mounds in Cahokia, Illinois.



COLD FUSION NOW! Clean Energy from the Hydrogen in Water

From our good friend Bill

Three videos that give the layman a really good sense of what Cold Fusion is all about. (We encourage you to watch them from right to left)



PAUL LOWE - December 24, 2011

From YouTube and our good friend Rosemary.

If you've got the time, Mr. Lowe's presentation will teach you a lot about what happens when the heart opens and life starts moving at the speed of light. By the way; this is his take on the subject - weigh his words against your own truth. Take what you can and leave the rest.

Video at YouTube 1 Hour



From the Conscious Media Network

Conscious Media Network has been approached by a representative of global leaders and financiers from 130 nations to broadcast a statement about a new global economic restructuring arising in 2012.

Video at YouTube 24+ Minutes

A big thank you to all the contributors!


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