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Blue Star Channelings

Through Angela McGerr



Heart and Soul Quests:

In line with the special Blue Star feature this month, I am deferring Gabriel's Heart Quest message that was planned, in order to give you two of many channellings linked to the Blue Star that I received in the past three and a half years. Both are from my Heart & Soul Angel Cards. This deck has four suits, two concerning Heart Quest/Heart's Desire, from which Thunderbird's message comes, and two regarding Soul Quest/Soul Purpose where Sanusemi's message is found. Readers may be interested to know that my personal Blue Star "wake up" call came during Drunvalo's Sacred Pilgrimage to Peru in 2004.


What is the Blue Star?

As I mention in my Heart & Soul Angel Cards (first published 2006), I am guided that the Blue Star is a star sun within the Orion system, holding the pure Metatronic (Angelic) Light vibration. It is the original location of Earth (and her sister planet Venus) before our various falls from grace that resulted in the lowering of vibration to a half-light spectrum that prevails in most of our present situation. The Blue Star is the star sun to which Earth will, either directly or metaphorically, re-ascend when enough unconditional Love causes a critical mass of Light to be generated on this planet, to aid Ascension not just of mankind but Earth herself and all sentient life forms.

The Ascension is being supervised by many beings, notably the Blue Star Ennead — nine Seraphim Angels who have been specially designated this role. Sanusemi is one of the Ennead. Also assisting are certain Mystical Animal Devas, whose vibration is between mankind and the angelic realm. Amongst these, key to the Ascension is the Thunderbird of the Blue Star, archetype of balance between eagle and dove. Here are the two messages:


Thunderbird of the Blue Star Angels

Timeless, mystical Thunderbird signifies your soul expansion towards spiritual illumination. Echoing the five-pointed star (Microcosm), she flies you to the Blue Star of Earth's origins, symbolising the heart and soul path of personal Ascension. Her silver eyes hold the angel Mirabiel's light (the Eyes of Heaven), her heart radiates the power of Mazuriel's Sun of all Suns — Guardian of the Sacred Heart of the Creator. Water of Life flows from Thunderbird's back while the nine feathers of her tail represent the Ennead of Seraphim Angels — guiding force to mankind.

You are an ancient soul who can fly the sapphire star stream with Thunderbird. Her sacred flight mirrors your quest to attain Unity Consciousness (enlightenment) and to return as a Thunderbeing to teach her mystery to others. To become a Thunderbeing first reconcile and balance the Universes within (heart, spirit, Microcosm, silver) and without (mind, will, Macrocosm, gold) to send infinite healing energy grids/fractals to All. As you move through crown towards crystalline white and Unity with All, Thunderbird hovers above. Connect third eye, crown and heart to fly on her luminescent wings through the 44:44 Angel Star Gate* to the Blue Star for Thunderbeing empowerment. Sanusemi guides you — five is the number, sapphire the ray. Merkaba is the vehicle, Essence of Love — the key.

* The 44:44 Angel Star Gate is the portal between pure unfallen Metatronic Light, and the half-light (Oritronic) spectrum.


Sanusemi, of the Blue Star Ennead,

Sanusemi comes to guide you at soul level. The Blue Star is linked to the origins of Earth and her partner Venus and may be called the route home, a destination on the Way of Love and Light, and the vibration of transcendence through Merkaba that some call personal Ascension.

If this resonates, Sanusemi invites you to connect with him through crown. His image embodies the sacred dynamics of five (Blue Star, Thunderbird, Moon, Microcosm) and six (Flower of Life, Merkaba, Sun, Macrocosm). As you open your heart of unconditional love to these powers a miracle can happen. You see through the eyes of Thunderbird, feel the power of her heart — in fact you can become a Thunderbeing whose wings transcend the 44:44 Angel Star Gate. The veils part and spirals of love (Mer) flood your heart with peace. You take the evolutionary flight of the soul (Ka) to the Blue Star, and, through crystalline sacred geometry merge with All That Is (Ba). As you return, you hold the protective Mer-ka-ba Light Body around you. Your consciousness has expanded into a vessel from which the timeless sapphire healing energy flows in infinite Light holograms from your heart, fulfilling your shining soul purpose.


The Angel Quest of the Heart — new book by Angela McGerr


For more on Soul Quest and soul purpose, see also Blue Star Angels Mystery School, Seraphiel Courses Section of my website www.angelamcgerr.com    Copywrite 2007 Angela McGerr. Picture courtesy of Richard Rockwell.

About Angela McGerr

Angela McGerr spent over 30 years as a businesswoman before determining the need to bring a more spiritual focus into her life. In 1999, she was persuaded by her sister Joanna to follow her into the world of energy healing, with a view to being able to train others in self-healing.

On starting this path Angela immediately found her first white feather, having been told this was a spiritual sign from the angels! Angela's management consulting business disappeared within two months and she became immersed in deep research on the subject of Angelology: Angels and angelic support in daily life. In fact you might almost say that Angela was hi-jacked by the angelic realm for a year and fast-tracked in the history of winged messengers (Greek: angelos). She traced sacred writings on the subject through many belief systems back to the earliest recorded civilisation (Sumeria) and beyond, though Angelology itself derives from 2,000-year-old Essene writings.

Angela describes herself as a modern mystic, tasked with disseminating ancient, angelic wisdom combined with brand new channellings, in a 21st Century format suitable for today's audience. In the year 2,000, using simplified Essene philosophy with the addition of angels from all sources, she made a prototype set of angel cards, designed to promote healing and harmony, and then approached a publisher. She was commissioned to write her first book A Harmony of Angels, published by Quadrille in hardback in October 2001. This book sold successfully and has been continuously reprinted. On the strength of this, in 2002 Quadrille agreed to publish the Harmony Angel Cards — still Angela's best selling title so far. Angelic Abundance followed in September 2003, Gold & Silver Guardian Angels in September 2004, An Angel For Every Day in September 2005, Heart & Soul Angel Cards (a companion set for the Harmony Angel Cards) in August 2006. Most recent is The Angel Quest of the Heart (October 2007). All titles are still in print and translations are available in Dutch, French, German, Lithuanian, Czech and Slovak, with more in the pipeline. Special US editions have now been published. As at winter 2007 collective international sales of Angela's books and cards approach 700,000 copies.