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December, 2008

We are happy to present new articles and messages for December issue of Spirit of Ma'at.

Ancient Egyptian Sexual Ankhing

By Drunvalo Melchizedek (from Love, Eros, and the Spiritual Path)

We had second thoughts about posting this article — because we've run it more than once — but the business of men and women coming together is so important right now we decided to risk being redundant, if only to remind you to use the information. As we move into Unity Consciousness, any experience that allows us to become more familiar with Oneness would seem to support our personal and collective rebirth process. The Ankhing practice is a tool that all of us have access to — and if all of us used it we could change the world.

Remember the Love

By Phoenix Rising Star

Phoenix wanted to complete the year with a fresh article. This lady's so in her heart she can't stop sharing what bubbles up from within. In her December 2008 article Phoenix shares a meditation that focuses on getting into the Heart Space. If feeling the love is the greater part of the work where called to do right now, her words will help you get there. Don't miss this one; it gets right down to the Heart of the matter!


From Phoenix Rising Star (from Messages from Beyond the Veil)

Accessing Zero-Point became an object for discussion in our July 2008 issue. Phoenix figured out that it's easy to do from within. Out of that revelation came the instructions for the "Triple Eight" meditation. This practice had such an amazing effect on so many of our readers we thought it would be good to try it again, if only to remind you that everything you want or need can be found within.

The Legend of the Golden Solar Disc

By Stephen Thomson

We gave Steve the month off but he decided to surprise us with this essay on the Golden Solar Disc. Brought to South America after the destruction of Lemuria, legend has it that the Disc once hung in the Temple of the Sun. Its current whereabouts are unknown but it lives as a symbol, or a metaphor for those of us who seek to understand who we are in relationship to the greater universe. Steve's article looks at how we can use the etheric template of the Golden Solar Disc as an initiation tool, tapping into those energies, and attuning to them as a means to expand consciousness.

Other Signs of 2012? Our Shifting Consciousness

By Stephen Thomson (from Times of Change)

We reincarnate in a time when there is just the right mixture of energy and events for the advancement our soul. As we approach 2012, many of us are responding to the call of Spirit in ways that are unprecedented. We now have the information and the tools, to enable us to step out of the time-tested, proven, and comfortable ways we have been walking our life paths. It's show time kids! Steve's article makes it clear that taking up our positions on the front lines will require us to leave the past behind.

A New Gift for a New World

By Norma Gentile

Our Solstice article from Norma talks about the relationship between the two Heart Chakras. If the lower Heart chakra is where unconditional love resides, the high Heart chakra is where that love returns to its Source. As Norma explores the connection between these two centers, her Hathor Guide, Altamira, steps in to say a few words about the human energy field and the rise of the Female Light. Read what Norma and her guides have to say about the gift of the Heart.


By Cal Garrison
(from The Global Poverty Crisis and its Impact on Planetary Healing )

Back in the Spring of 2007, poverty may have been an abstract concept for a lot of us; as we approach 2009, that no longer seems to be the case. When I had to think about which article of mine seemed more relevant now than it was when it was written, this one struck a chord. Who knew that within 2 years money would cease to have any value? There's a lesson in this and it goes beyond wondering whether things will turn around; the question now seems to be about our true resources — because it isn't money that sustains us. Our ability to create from within and the faith that we are supported by the universe are being called to the fore. The extent to which we can walk our talk is more important than ever — my hope is that this review of my essay on poverty will get everyone thinking about what sustains us when we hit the bottom line.

Clearing Geopathic Lines

Julia Griffin interviews Cal Garrison (from Earth Energies)

Dowsing for and clearing Geopathic Stress formed the cornerstone for all of Slim Spurling's work. Long before he created the Light-Life™ Tools he was renowned for his ability to wipe out negative frequencies with a method that became his trademark. If Slim's tools have value it's for sure that his dowsing technique has as much to offer — and perhaps more — because the dowsing part of the equation not only gets right to the heart of the matter, it clears away the base energies, and allows the Tools more freedom to work on subtler issues. This article is being reposted to honor the man who, if he were still here in the flesh, would probably be out there right now, somewhere on planet Earth, putting rods in the ground! Let's hope it inspires you to do the same!

Information on the 5th Night and Xibalba

A message from Alberto Villoldo

Our friend Cynthia Olivera passed this along to us. When we sat down to read it Alberto Villoldo's perspective on our passage through the ascension portal really hit home. Everything in this message will light you up, one way or another — and if you're the least bit curious about how the South American Shamen frame the chronology of the End Times you're about to find out that we've just emerged from the 5th Night. As we contemplate the New Year, what the future holds depends on how we choose to live and what we choose to give our power to. This message gives a clear picture of what that might mean for us from the Mayan perspective.

"The Four Horsemen of the Golden Now"

From Celest and David

You may remember Celest and David from reading our review of their book, "God's Book", in an earlier 2008 issue. Of late, everything that has come through from Celest and David has been right on the money. Thus it didn't surprise anyone here in the Ma'at office when they sent us the following message. If the Cross and everything we associate with it is the symbol of the season it seems appropriate that this channeling is all about the Cross, as an emblem for humanity in our return to Oneness.

Entities: the Needy and the Greedy

By CC Treadway (from Glimpses of Truth)

In this article CC discusses different examples of entity attachment and removal, comparing various techniques and perspectives. She explores some of the symptoms of energy invasion as well as methods of prevention and protection. Clearing the vibrational resonance that attracts these energies requires unconditional love and respect for all creation. Read what CC has to say about the ins and outs of loving yourself and your entities enough to release those attachments and get them back where they belong.

Flowing Forms — Movement into Flow and Unity Consciousness

By Dorothy Wallis (from the Ascension issue)

The Mer-Ka-Ba Meditation is a touchstone for many of us. While it's been said that we don't need to practice the meditation every day, our question has always been, "Why wouldn't we want to? After all, why wouldn't anyone want to explore their connection to their Higher Self on a daily basis?" We're moving into a time when our familiarity with the MerKaBa Field needs to be more than a matter of assumption or intellect. Dorothy Wallis's article, written in March 2008, takes you directly into her experience of her daily meditation — our hope is that Dorothy's words will remind you to use the same tool to access your own experience and further your understanding of how Spirit moves in the 3rd Dimension.

Heart Images and City-Scapes

A gallery of pictures drawn by a group of young people who are lucky enough to be Sofia Escobar Uribe's students

Sofia Escobar Uribe teaches school children in Cajica, Colombia. Her students range from Kindergarten level to the second and third grade. Sofia was kind enough to send us an incredible gallery of kids' artwork that will absolutely blow you away. These drawings were created after the children did a meditation exercise that brought their inner world into focus. A thousand words could not describe what these young people were able to capture. Those of you who understand the beauty of the Heart will be moved by what you see here.

Letters from the Indigo Children

(from the Indigo Issue)

One year ago we devoted our entire issue to the Indigo-Crystal Children. In the time that's unfolded since then what seems to be more obvious to us now is how much our future depends on our ability to listen to them. The closing passages in "THE SERPENT OF LIGHT" talk about how the children are the ones who will teach us how to move into Oneness. On the cusp of the Winter Solstice, it seemed like a good idea to take a second look at what the Indigo kids have to say about life on planet Earth.

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News and Announcements

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New in the Ma'at Shop

"BREAK THROUGH POWER — How Quantum Leap New Energy Inventions Can Transform Our World"

A new book by Jeane Manning and Joel Garbon. Those of you who wish to better inform yourselves about the history of alternative energy and its long overdue emergence from the weird science closet will love this groundbreaking new book.

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Sculptured Star-Tetrahedrons

Beautifully crafted in bronze, these sculptures embody the Creation Pattern; their geometries etch wavelengths that move outward from the center, like ripples in a pool, imprinting those frequencies in the surroundings. Great for creating Sacred Space, the Star Tetrahedrons can be hung in any corner of the house, or even in the garden, to generate a field of protection and light that uplifts everything in the environment.

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Sacred Chocolate (Super Food)

The real truth is about to come out about RAW ORGANIC CHOCOLATE — THEOBROMA CACAO — FOOD OF THE GODS. It is a true super food and unrivaled in many areas of nutrition — especially antioxidants! Sacred Chocolate is clearly the best chocolate bar ever. Take one bite and you will know that Sacred Foods has cracked the cacao code! — DAVID WOLFE, author of Naked Chocolate.

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Blue Green Algae

Well known experts in the field of attention and mood challenges recommend foods that contain concentrations of the amino acids that supply the body and brain with the building blocks necessary to create the neuro-peptides associated with learning and focus. A deficiency of these important trace nutrients not only affects focus and learning, but can also underlie poor mood, listlessness, and a lack of motivation. Algae is also used by professional athletes and horse trainers alike to achieve increased recuperation and a competitive edge. Animal trainers and parents alike, have noticed that children and even animals who eat this food have better attitudes and are easier to train. Scientific studies show increased focus and concentration in children when eating AFA. More information about the product

Marine Phytoplankton

This unique super-nutrient from the ocean provides the body with an increase in residual energy that builds up significantly when it is ingested on a daily basis. With its abundance of naturally produced vitamins, minerals, and original life force, everyone that partakes will enjoy a ‘whole body’ inner strength.

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Raw Maca Powder

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Cordyceps — The Chinese Longevity Mushroom

The Chinese Longevity Mushroom CORDYCEPS is an un-paralleled broad-spectrum superfood with very desirable effects on the entire mind-body complex. Strengthen Immune System*, Increase Libido, and Enhance Sexual Performance.

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Wisdom of the Earth Speaks: The Truth About Medicinal Aromatherapy by Barry B. Kapp

At this time, more than ever, it is essential we reconnect back with the Heart of the Earth. Barry B. Kapp, master aromatherapist, sacred traveler and founder of Wisdom of the Earth medicinal essences walks this lifestlye and has transmitted his wisdom into his new book. Barry writes directly from his passion, his heart, and his experience. Some of his ideas may be controversial, but they touch a place deep inside that knows all healing flows from Love. Learn how to use pure, single medicinal essences as a form of healing, and as a doorway back to learning directly from the plants and trees, Mother Earth's original medicine. Through this process we once again become friends with our bodies, understanding our innate connection to Nature, and the sweetness she provides.

More information about the book

Vitalzym Enzyme Supplements

Drunvalo introduced us to the 'Vitalzym Enzyme Supplements' a few weeks ago. He is so excited about what these products do to restore human health he insisted we carry them in the Ma'at Shop and make them available to all of you as soon as possible. Contrary to what we've been taught, enzymes do way more than aid digestion — according to Drunvalo whole body healing and rejuvenation cannot take place without them. More information about the product

The Serpent of Light by Drunvalo Melchizedek

We are happy to announce that Drunvalo's fourth book, 'The Serpent of Light' is on its way to the printer and will be available in the Ma'at Shop in late December. A true account of all the work that has gone into ushering the Earth through the Great Shift of the Ages, 'The Serpent of Light' is Drunvalo at his best!

More information about Drunvalo's new book

Messages from Angels

Winter Solstice

Monthly Angelic Message
From Angela McGerr

This month, Angela McGerr channels messages that focus on the significance of the Solstice Festival. As the yearly cycle winds back to square one, the angels Farlas and Ariel offer words of advice on how to see this as a time to begin anew and create a foundation for a rebirth. To tune in to the Angels, click on the link.

See also Angela McGerr's new book The Angel Quest of the Heart.

A Sound Healing


Monthly Sound Healing
From Norma Gentile

"Seculorum" is the Latin word for "of this world". Remembering that we walk in two worlds is a key issue right now. Norma's voice captures the feeling that comes when we connect who we are in this realm with our spiritual aspect. Her December sound healing will remind you that every breath you take is an opportunity for Heaven and Earth to meet in the Heart Space. To tune in, click on teh link.

See also Norma Gentile's new CD 'Songs Of Spirit' — Live Sound Healings.

Sacred Earth

Monastery of Izamal, Yucatan, Mexico

A photo essay from Martin Gray

We take things to be one thing and find out later that they happen to be something else altogether. The story of the Monastery of Izamal goes all the way back to the Pre-Colombian era. Catholicized by the Spanish, prior to their conquest Izamal was the abode of the Mayan god of healing and resurrection. Read what Martin has to say about the healing miracles that take place there and decide for yourself where the power of this sacred spot really comes from.

See Martin Gray's new book Sacred Earth — Places of Peace and Power and DVD.

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