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The Voices That Speak From Within

By Stephen Thomson

In our consciousness are two voices; one speaks for the body and the other voice for the Divine essence, our soul.

There are two voices within each of us. We can think of one as being the guide to our physical life. It talks about the material world and the things of our body. The other voice speaks from our Divine essence, the spiritual pace setter within each of us. Here we find our guide to the unseen world. With advancing states of consciousness, the outgrowth of spiritual practices, these voices become clearer, more defined and distinct. It could even be said that clarifying these voices is a major goal of our spiritual unfolding. And with the identification and attention to these two powerful influences, the most important and profound parts of life come into focus. Listen and we will hear how to do to become the person we aspire to be.

The voices within are the natural bridge between the two worlds we travel in our consciousness. By becoming disciplined and starting to listen to exactly what we are saying to ourselves, we can begin to understand why our lives continue to unfold in the way they do. Our personal power and free will can be seen to manifest in every corner of our personal world. What we need to develop is a clear and unemotional way of hearing what the voices are saying to us. There are so many times the voices within us show the path to our higher good. Yet, in the exact same moment we are choose to allow the voice of the physical-self to commandeer our attention and lead us in another direction

War is continually being waged within us. It is one of the "mysteries of the contraries" in life. On one hand we have the loud and challenging voice of the body, demanding to be fed and satisfied. While we are eating potato chips, the soul voice gently reminds us of the calories. Or when in meditation our nose gets itchy and we can either continue to concentrate or give up or scratch. Then there are the times we clearly neglect the sought after and cherished direction from our higher-self to do the right thing. Spend time reading and meditating; don't go partying with your friends. The choices in life are constantly streaming though the voices into our consciousness.

How do we reconcile these voices and begin to work toward our higher good? The first step is identifying the recurring laws created for our lives by the things the voices say to and about us time and again. Some of these statements are powerful and supportive in our quest. Others remain contrary to the person we aspire to become. We have to become hypersensitive to what are saying to ourselves. Then comes the hardest part, discipline us to take the higher road. This can be done in phases beginning with a simple tracking of our conversations, the ones that go on between ours selfs. Or we can pick one or two recurring comments by the voices. Each time we hear the words being spoken within, taking a breath and then immediately rephrasing what has been said in a way that feels more harmonious.

In the last few years of working with clients, I have seen how significant the voices are on a personal and spiritual level. So many people are working on consciously creating the life they want to live. Yet their voices feed them conflicting stories at every turn. The soul voice says, become brave and strong in the face of all life's challenges. Then the other voice pipes up with all the reasons for life to remain the way it has been. In the end, there is a high level of frustration that can only be resolved by examining the voice that is speaking and source of information it represents. Usually life moves forward when the conflicting information from the two voice sources is identified and harmonized.

What seems to hold more urgency in these times are the limitations represented by the voices. We restrict ourselves, as a spiritual person by what we have been taught is possible. If our voices continue along the same roads, repeating the same old beliefs, how can we make a leap forward in consciousness and break through these self-imposed barriers? Where is the track for us to grow beyond anything we ever thought possible or imagined? We are living in an age when in the next few years we will be called upon to reconcile these voices, whether we want to or not.

Here are a few thoughts for you to consider during the next month:

What are some of the statements your voices say that make up the war within you?

What are the negative mantras you carry each day that hold your life in place?

What laws have you created and continue to recreate that result in limiting your life and spiritual growth?

Cal Garrison


About Stephen Thomson

Steve Thomson is a writer, teacher, and psychic, well-known throughout the United States. He leads workshops about metaphysical practices, including meditation, expansion of the psychic senses, spiritual magic, the Tarot, and the Kabbala. He also guides journeys to sacred sites around the world. For over 20 years, Steve has been a member of the Rosicrucian Order AMORC and he has been a student of Paramahansa Yogananda's, Self-Realization Fellowship for over 10 years. His book entitled The Secret Key is available through our website. He is currently working on a new book entitled Discovering Your Spiritual Truth — A Primer for the Path — Things to Think About, Meditate On and Journal, which will be available by the end of 2007.

You may write Steven personally at Steve@stephenthomson.net
or visit his website: www.stephenthomson.net