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Everything Present Earth, Sky and Heart

By Kris Lichtenstein

A Review of Drunvalo's Workshop in Sedona

Set on the beautiful Angel Valley Ranch in Sedona, Arizona, the Heart/Earth/Sky workshop was truly an inspirational, life-changing experience that I recommend everyone participate in at least once.

I had read all of Drunvalo Melchizedek's books (The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life volume one and two, Living In The Heart and Serpent of Light: Beyond 2012), attended a Flower of Life workshop, and was incredibly excited for my Sedona trip. I knew it would be amazing, but I had no idea the amount of love that would engulf me or how much my heart would really open over the five-day journey that Drunvalo would lead us through.

The quaint Arizona mountain town of Sedona, with its numerous new age shops and famous vortexes, is the perfect setting for a workshop all about opening your heart and seeing the beauty and divine spark in all life everywhere. The drive to Angel Valley takes you curving through burnt-red colored mountains, that at the end of each day form a breathtaking silhouette against a sky of majestic purples and pastel pinks. The long dusty trail into the ranch is lined with green shrubbery, and if you look closely, you'll notice a lizard lazily sunbathing or a jackrabbit gnawing on a patch of grass, its long thin ears on the alert. Above Angel Valley, a vast blue cloudless sky stretches and the sun beams down on you, warming your skin.

The first thing that struck me as I walked into the comfortable room that the staff had made up for us was the energy that exuded from it. I had to stop short in my tracks. My eyes welled up and a huge smile quickly consumed my face as I deeply breathed in my surroundings. The energy was overwhelming — washing into me like a strong wave, making me sway and filling me with emotion. It wasn't only the excitement and happiness of the few other participants that had arrived before me that I was feeling, it was something much more profound. I knew at that moment that I was right where I was supposed to be.

The choice of location was again perfect — Crystal Hall was the main room that the workshop was held in, and in all four corners gorgeous crystals illuminated from cutouts in wooden walls. Beautiful spiritual art and a tapestry depicting sacred geometrical patterns covered the rest of the wall space, along with several glass doors that looked out at the red rocks. The room was cozy and comfortable, especially with the pillows that had been laid out for each of us. Outside of the room, two labyrinths and a medicine wheel were situated on the property, among at least a dozen known vortexes. Even though there were 91 participants, and a handful of staff including Drunvalo, his wife Claudette, Cal, Diane, and the camera crew, it was easy to wander only a short distance away and find a peaceful, serene spot to meditate or do yoga during breaks.

The meals cooked for us were organic, vegetarian, fresh and delicious. Below the patio where we ate, a river flowed through the rocks, serenading us with the methodical and soothing sounds of rushing water. If you followed the river only a short walk, you found it opened up into a calm pool, where the cool water reflected the surrounding mountains and trees. The spot was secluded and perfect for swimming. I swam on the last day and I am so thankful that I did. There was something about that water that charged me — maybe it was the center of a very powerful vortex! The energy just filled me, and all of us who swam in it were energized and "buzzing" the rest of the day.

Back near the Crystal Hall, the Ma'at Shop was set up, and there we got detailed information and testimonies on the wonderful products. While I will not go into detail on all of the exercises that Drunvalo led us through I will say this: With the progressing hours of each day, I felt my own heart, as well as everyone else's, opening wider, and I could feel the energy and the love progressively increase. If at any point in time I felt the urge (like we all did many, many times throughout the five days) to give someone a hug or needed a shoulder to cry on, there were dozens of people ready with their arms open. The unconditional love that Drunvalo felt for all of us was quickly felt and received. He is sincere as he is passionate about his work.

Going into the workshop was a group of already spiritual and awakened people. Many were healers; all were dedicated to helping humanity and our beautiful planet Earth. By the end of the five days we saw that we are all one and made the conscious choice to move into our hearts. We helped and encouraged each other to work through and heal any trauma that might block our pathway. We learned how to create from our hearts so that we can dream into existence the peaceful life we are all working for, or so that we may simply be an open channel to help the universe be brought back into balance.

Every single person at the Heart/Earth/Sky workshop — participant and staff — was gracious, warm and kind. Everyone was so full of love; you could feel it just seeping out of them. In five short days, nearly a hundred people became one family, and I felt like I had known each person my entire life. I truly believe that we were all meant to be there, that we all have a similar purpose, and that we will all be seeing each other again very soon.

To everyone who was at this workshop, thank you, I love you all so much! To anyone considering partaking in a workshop with Drunvalo — I can't stress to you how much of a positive impact it will have on you!

It was truly life changing and the love you will feel and the bonds you will make are incredible! All of my love to anyone reading this article!

Kris Lichtenstein