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What is Ascension? The Pathway To Your Next Consciousness

By Terry Taylor MA. CHt.


What Does Ascension Mean

How does it affect your life?

Most think that they must die to ascend. You need not die physically, but rather die and "let go" of the 3rd dimensional way of thinking as you Ascend into the 4th and 5th dimensional level of consciousness. This is the "Alpha and Omega", death of the old and birth of the new. Raising your heart consciousness allows you to enter into a higher vibrational way of living. All of you have been in all three dimensions throughout your lives, but few have stabilized themselves enough to live completely in the 4th or 5th dimension. Let me explain what these dimensions are and what they feel like as you enter this new paradigm of thought / feeling.


The Third Dimension

Here you experience the polarity of right and wrong dramas living in your 3rd dimensional life. All angers and vulnerabilities are life's lessons that must be experienced, resolved and released, in order to gain the energy used by your emotions (use the resolved energy of your emotions or it will use you). The 3rd dimensional world needs to keep a balance of positive and negative charges in order to keep that dimension balanced. It might be likened to a car battery where the negative pole is just as important as the positive pole to continue working. It's interesting that the negative pole of the battery pulls its charge from the negative body of the car. You too have that negative base charge where your lessons and blockages are derived.


Entering the Fourth Dimension

You need to stay in the positive portion of yourself as you resolve and transmute those negative blockages and add those energies to your positive charge. This is the cleansing period of leaving one level of consciousness and entering into the next. When you resolve your blockages and lessons, the negative charges will no longer exist and thus the 3rd dimensional world disappears and you shift into the 4th dimension consciously stabilizing, becoming not balanced, but rather becoming that balanced individual. Many feel stuck at this point as they cross the bridge of transformation and experience a rebirth into the next level of consciousness.


"Shift of the Ages"

This is the period of cleansing and challenges of all 3rd dimensional beliefs and thoughts. You enter a level of feeling and thinking from your heart/soul and use your brain/ ego only to analysis what you are feeling. You begin living those feelings from your heart instead of your brain. You will then be released from the need for attachments, keeping what you own and appreciating the world with a 4th dimensional way of seeing and living. Problems will become challenges for growth without attachments. Feeling from your heart, without expectations, allows you to feel the experiences and the wisdom of your journey, as you become conscious of yourself as your soul. It is the experience felt and realized that produces growth, not the results. As you apply your knowledge within the 3rd dimension world, you then hopefully gain the wisdom of that knowledge experienced, the consciousness of your soul.


Living In the Fourth Dimension

Here the other half of your life begins. Everything is brighter, a life with challenges and not problems, no anxieties nor depression. Here the 3rd dimensional Earth Master (ego) is mastered as angers and dramas drop away. You begin to experience unconditional love of your soul and not the ego self of your 3rd dimensional life. Many people do and give loving acts and thank God for this. But, you must love yourself first before you can share that soul love with others. This is the love from your heart and soul that changes your self, those close to you and the world at large. This sharing of yourself on the soul level is the energy that is now about to change our world. We are all equal as we are all "made in the image of". Thus we are all of the same source, even those that are younger souls still creating destructive acts. We are all a small and whole portion of God, our Souls. The only difference is the level of conscious wisdom experienced by your soul. You will then begin living in this world, without being attached to it. It has been said that "you need to live in this world but not of it".

Example: I saw a crowd of birds on a phone line and could just imagine what they could be thinking. As they watched from above, what are all those people doing and running around for? Those birds are in our world but not of it. You need to appreciate this world, but not be attached to it as you live your purpose. You came down here as a spiritual being to experience and gain the wisdom of your God-Self. So many people have forgotten their purpose as they enter the physical world and have become distracted from their higher purpose. All your earthly dramas are only exercises in the 3rd dimensional world as the way to gain the wisdom of your lessons you have contracted for. You are not who you think you are, but rather who you are as your soul. You live only one life of the soul with many different reflections of your soul as you reincarnate each life time.


The Fifth Dimension

This shift is known as "Christ Consciousness", the world of manifestation. You have experienced manifestation in the 3rd dimensional world and now you begin manifesting your soul in the 4th dimension as you journey on into the 5th dimension of Christ Consciousness. This is the Christ level that was conscious within all the Great Messiahs that is now opening within your DNA through the energy of the Aquarian Age.

There will be a great shift in 2012 as the critical mass of people enter and live the new perception within the 4th dimension and start becoming a conscious part of the 5th dimensional world of living. Here you have manifested all your wisdom from within your soul from the 4th dimension and now begin manifesting all that you need as you're full God-Self.


Aquarian Age Energy

There are 12 constellations we call the Zodiacs and those energies affect our Earth allowing us to shift into higher conscious energies. The Piscean Age was an energy that provided the ability to learn right from wrong (polarities). Now the energy of the Aquarian Age is releasing those polarities as you start becoming your conscious soul. You know how the moon affects our oceans, animals and the minds of Man on the full moon, how much greater is the energy flowing in from a great constellation affect how we live and function on this planet? This is not the future, it is here now! Prepare yourself for adaptation into the next world of consciousness.

Remember, if you feel from your heart from readings or teachings, you can't feel it unless you already have it. Follow your heart, for living is knowing, not believing.

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About Terry Taylor


Terry has worked in the Spiritual Community for 35 years, owning two metaphysical Bookstores and the School of Advanced Esoteric Studies. Degreed in Clinical Psychology, he has operated within a private and group practice since 1975. His residencies consist of Madden Mental Health Center, Phobicare Group Practice, Garret's Wellness Center, Mel Doerr's Health and Holistic Center and now the Spiritual Awakening Center. Terry Taylor's practice is an integration of psychotherapy, clinical hypnosis and spiritual psychology leading towards your ascension into your next level of consciousness. He can be reached at: TerryTaylor@Ameritech.net, www.SpiritualAwakeningCenter.com.